With the rise in demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), TECALEMIT set out to design DEF mini bulk storage tanks that performed to the ISO standards mandated, functioned well, shipped easily, and provided a quick ROI. What our efforts resulted in is what is known in the market today as the DEF-PRO All In One Smart Packages. These DEF mini bulk storage tanks are 100% turn-key, and houses everything you need to safely store and dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid. TECALEMIT’s DEF-PRO All In One Smart Packages offer functionality, flexibility, and value. These packages are completely customizable to meet your individual needs. Furthermore, TECALEMIT offers the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly mini bulk tank that is a game changer for cardlock solutions.

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  • DEF-PRO Mini Bulk- Eco
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  • DEF Mini-Bulk Storage Tank
    DEF-PRO All In One - Southern
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  • DEF mini bulk
    DEF-PRO All In One - Northern
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  • Double Wall DEF storage tank - DEF-PRO All In One
    DEF-PRO All In One - Double Wall
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  • BlueMaster for Commercial Applications
    DEF Island Friendly Tanks - Commercial Applications
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  • DEF Island-Friendly Tanks - Retail Applications
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