PRO6000 diesel high transfer pump skid system




When you have a specific goal you’re trying to accomplish and need a custom equipment solution to reach it, look no further than TECALEMIT’s Special Projects Team!

The high flow diesel transfer pump skid system featured here was a custom package we completed for a customer of ours. They were seeking a backup solution to dispense from ground to truck during the most critical times – natural disasters.

Located in the Orlando area and prone to some of the harshest hurricanes each year, this customer needed an alternative method of pulling diesel fuel from an underground 10,000 gallon storage tank. The custom package we created for them is designed for high flow applications and is mobile, which was a critical and mandatory request for the package. Check out all the features of this system below:

  • Self-priming pump made of cast iron
    • 2″ inlet/outlet
    • 2HP 120/240V – suction life up to 25 ft.
  • 1.5″ high flow digital meter (up to 66 gpm)
  • 50 ft. dispense hose on Hannay reel with spring rewind
  • 15 ft. suction hose with ball valve and camlock
  • High flow automatic nozzle
  • 3 filters with housings

Are you in need of a custom equipment solution? Contact us today to see how we can help. Let’s push the limits together and create your very own masterpiece!

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Weights & Measures Truck Belly Box




If you’re familiar with fluid distribution transport trailers, you understand the necessity of having efficient storage underneath the truck frame. Truck belly boxes provide just that. They are ideal for securing crucial pieces of equipment during the bumpy ride to and from deliveries.

Each truck belly box from TECALEMIT can be customized to fit your specific needs. For example, take this weights & measures truck belly box designed for a customer of ours located in Canada. TECALEMIT built a turn-key system that met their exact needs. Check out the full list of components below.


  • Endress+Hauser 2″ DEF meter
    • Weights & measures approved for Canada
    • Ideal for high flow applications
  • LCR II register
  • Air eliminator
  • Double heaters inside cabinet
  • Insulated cabinet with LED lighting
  • Check valves before & after the meter
    • Ensures meter stays full of fluid at all times
  • Gas-driven DEF pump
    • 2″ inlet/outlet
  • Pre-meter bypass
  • Pre-hose bypass
  • 100 ft. of 2″ DEF hose
  • Electric rewind Hannay reel
  • Printer receipt
  • Automatic transfer switch – DC to AC for heaters
    • Ideal for Canada’s cold winter climate


This weights & measure truck belly box was customized to include the essentials for Canada’s frigid winter climate – insulation, heaters, etc. Many other features can be customized as well, such as cabinet sizes, length of hoses, specific fluid applications, and more.

For more information on TECALEMIT’s truck belly boxes, CLICK HERE.

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Oil Transfer Skid with Double Pump System




TECALEMIT’s product portfolio is extensive.  We offer some of the best solutions in the market for pumps, fuel management systems, All In One systems, and more. Among these, and others, some of our most creative designs can be found in our line of hi-flow bulk transfer system packages, known as our Pro-6000 series. One of our latest custom designed Pro-6000 systems was built for a railroad application. It included an oil transfer skid with a double pump configuration.

The customer reached out to TECALEMIT to help them find an efficient solution to refill locomotive engines with oil by pulling the product from totes. What’s most significant about this particular hi-flow bulk transfer package is the dual pump feature. The customer requested 110V lube oil pumps, opposed to the standard air operated oil pumps, because there was not an air compressor or air supply at the rail site. Each of these 110V lube oil pumps are capable of pushing approximately 13 gpm. The fact that there are two pumps working at the same allows for not only a fast flow rate, but also a more consistent flow. Furthermore, in the unlikely case one of the pumps fail or go down, there is a second pump that would serve as back up.

This complete Pro-6000 oil transfer skid with double pump configuration sits atop a 24” x 40” steel powder coated skid. This gives the user the flexibility and mobility to easily transport the system where it’s needed. Additionally, we included a 40 ft. hose reel with 1 ¼” hose. Similar to other TECALEMIT products, these systems are designed with a value-driven approach with an emphasis on quality. Our line of Pro-6000 series systems offers solutions to give you fast turnaround times. From an engineering and functional aspect, these systems are unique and centered on individual customer needs.



All In One Northern with Adjustable Stand

TECALEMIT’s line of DEF-Pro All In One Systems have made a name for themselves in the industry for being functional and value-driven. When we combine one of these systems with our WM Pro Dispenser (weights and measures components), which is a turn-key solution designed to be integrated into existing cardlock locations, the result is impressive to say the least. Add to that a custom request by a customer to have the tank stand on adjustable legs suited for stairs, and now we have a special project on our hands.

TECALEMIT’s special projects team recently completed a design combining features of a DEF-Pro All In One northern unit with features of a WM Pro Dispenser, to create one system. The customer received a 1000 gallon polyethylene tank covered with 2 inches of insulation. The tank itself sits atop a 68” x 96” painted carbon steel skid with adjustable legs. Having adjustable legs for the skid was a special request from the customer who needed a solution for placing the unit on a flight of stairs.

In addition to the tank itself, the WM Pro Dispenser gives the customer everything they need to successfully and efficiently dispense and monitor DEF. Take a look at some of the features of this system below.

WM Pro Dispenser Features

  • NTEP approved oval gear meter with pulse out
  • NTEP approved register with gallons & dollars on LCD display
  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure
  • Pulse ratio: 1024/gal (standard)
  • Configurable 1000:1 and 100:1 pulse out ratios

Do you have a special request when it comes to DEF, fuels, lubes/oils, or chemical equipment? Let us know and let’s work together to build you your own masterpiece.

To learn more about our past special projects designs, visit our Projects page here. For more information on our line of DEF equipment, feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at the office at (281) 446-7300.


M1 Dual Sided Diesel Fuel Dispenser

Pro-6000 with M1 Dual Sided Diesel Fuel Dispenser



A recent project we completed involved a customer that was struggling to maintain productivity, and who sought new resources to replace outdated equipment.

The Problem:

The customer found it challenging to track and monitor product leaving his fueling island. Their current method of tracking transactions was handwriting notes detailing which driver dispensed “X” amount of gallons to “X” vehicle, on “X” date, at “X” time. As you can imagine, this system led to inaccuracies and human errors, which in turn resulted in increased costs. In addition, the customer’s current dispensing system suffered from years of use and outdated equipment.

The Goal:

The customer sought a system that would easily fit within their fueling station setup. They wanted a package that offered an inventory management system for tracking and monitoring liquid transfers, and a dual-hose dispenser that could dispense diesel fuel from both sides with one side being high-flow (75 gpm).

The Solution:

After investigating the logistics of the customer’s current site setup, TECALEMIT began brainstorming a cost-effective and value-driven solution that would not only meet, but exceed the customer’s needs. These efforts resulted in the creation of the M1 Dual Sided Diesel Fuel Dispenser Skid System. The M1 Dual Sided Diesel Fuel Dispenser Skid System is built on a heavy duty powder coated steel skid with TECALEMIT’s industry-known M1 Dual Hose Dispenser standing atop. The M1 Dispenser has a 2-hose setup allowing the customer to dispense diesel fuel from both sides, as requested. TECALEMIT enhanced one side of the dispenser to perform high flow dispensing at 75 gpm, with the opposite side dispensing at 22 gpm. The M1 Dispenser has a built-in automated inventory management system, the Superbox, allowing the customer to track transactions, vehicles, drivers, and more. The M1 Dual Sided Diesel Fuel Dispenser Skid System provided the customer with a streamlined solution tailored to their specific needs.

The Value:

Installing the M1 Dual Sided Diesel Fuel Dispenser Skid System on the customer’s site provided value in several ways. Not only was the customer saving on man hours used to track transactions, but also saw a significant decrease in errors made. This resulted in an increase in work efficiency, security, and accuracy, which in turn provides the customer with an ROI that’s indisputable.


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