We had a great opportunity to be part of a large project where lube oil tank packages had to be designed for offshore purposes.  This is where unique experiences truly come together to deliver some amazing packages.

The need: To be able to store and dispense via new offshore portable bulk lube oil transfer pumps for several applications.

The application needed to be able to take turbine oil from 55 gallon drums to load up the holding tank. These offshore portable bulk lube oil transfer pump systems would then be lifted to the platform where different type of machinery would benefit from the fresh supply.

We were given the green light on design, so we had free range to come up with a good solid design of the system.  Being that this was for offshore use, we knew that the system needed to be compact, solid, and capable of holding all components safely within a specific foot print. The offshore portable bulk lube oil transfer pumps holds a 180 gal lube oil tank, air diaphragm pump, hose reel, three way ball valve, and many more features. Additionally, the system is capable of extracting oil into its own holding storage tank.

Made entirely of stainless steel, the system has a built in air diaphragm pump pumping out 30 gpm, and boasting a 180 gallon storage tank. Add 2 sets of Donaldson filters per transfer unit, and you have a robust package that is one of its kind.

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Offshore portable bulk lube oil transfer pumps