TECALEMIT’s product portfolio is extensive.  We offer some of the best solutions in the market for pumps, fuel management systems, All In One systems, and more. Among these, and others, some of our most creative designs can be found in our line of hi-flow bulk transfer system packages, known as our Pro-6000 series. One of our latest custom designed Pro-6000 systems was built for a railroad application. It included an oil transfer skid with a double pump configuration.

The customer reached out to TECALEMIT to help them find an efficient solution to refill locomotive engines with oil by pulling the product from totes. What’s most significant about this particular hi-flow bulk transfer package is the dual pump feature. The customer requested 110V lube oil pumps, opposed to the standard air operated oil pumps, because there was not an air compressor or air supply at the rail site. Each of these 110V lube oil pumps are capable of pushing approximately 13 gpm. The fact that there are two pumps working at the same allows for not only a fast flow rate, but also a more consistent flow. Furthermore, in the unlikely case one of the pumps fail or go down, there is a second pump that would serve as back up.

This complete Pro-6000 oil transfer skid with double pump configuration sits atop a 24” x 40” steel powder coated skid. This gives the user the flexibility and mobility to easily transport the system where it’s needed. Additionally, we included a 40 ft. hose reel with 1 ¼” hose. Similar to other TECALEMIT products, these systems are designed with a value-driven approach with an emphasis on quality. Our line of Pro-6000 series systems offers solutions to give you fast turnaround times. From an engineering and functional aspect, these systems are unique and centered on individual customer needs.