PRO-6000 Bulk Transfer Lube System

The PRO-6000 bulk transfer lube system is designed to be self-sufficient and reliable when you are on the go. In addition, these systems are designed for bulk deliveries in mind, including lube products such as motor oils and certain chemicals. Furthermore, the PRO-6000 bulk transfer lube system will help you eliminate your high costs of purging products in order to minimize cross contamination. With available dedicated product lines, high flow drumming nozzles, generators, and high flow meters; the configurations are numerous.

Technical specifications:

Ingersoll Rand ARO pumps
Flow rate up to 52 GPM
Spring rewind reels
Oil pan skid with drainage plug
FMOG flow meters
Manual nozzle or drumming nozzle
25ft. of dispensing hose @ each reel
12ft. of suction hose


Weights & measures meter
Ticket printer
Stainless steel camlocks
Micro Matic combination
Inventory management

TECALEMIT special teams are ready to help you push through whatever limits are standing in your way. Contact us for more information on our PRO-6000 series of high-flow transfer skid systems. Send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at 281-446-7300.

Pro-6000 Bulk Transfer Lube System