Fuel Equipment

Discover high flow applications, commercial dispensers, single and multi-hose fuel management systems, hand pumps, 12v and 110v operated fuel pumps.

DEF Equipment

From the continuous duty cycle Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump, to our DEF dispensers, DEF mini bulk tanks, and high flow systems, TECALEMIT has you covered.

Lube oil Equipment

Introducing a variety of custom hi-flow transfer systems, portable emergency packages, hand and electric pumps, and turn-key lube/oil tank packages.

Chemical Equipment

New pump packages for the safe handling and transfer of chemicals including hand & electric pumps, and custom transfer bulk systems for extreme environments.

Committed to delivering excellence through service and support.

Embracing performance, competency, quality, and people.

TECALEMIT is an industrial equipment manufacturer for DEF, fuels, chemicals, and lubes. Our passion for excellence and custom solutions extend from end user equipment to customized bulk dispensing packages. Where often in other organizations, the quality of service emerges only after the initial purchase, at TECALEMIT our promise to you as your partner, is to provide you with pre- and post-purchase support.


TECALEMIT’s vision is to become the go to manufacturer of equipment solutions & services to measure, transfer, control, and dispense liquids/gases.  Never settling, but striving to take our customers’ everyday issues and find painless, cost-effective solutions.


TECALEMIT‘s mission is to provide customers with products & services of premium quality. From measuring, controlling, transferring, and dispensing of fluids and gases, to excellent post sale service, our mission is to exceed customer expectations.


More than mere statistics, success for us is steered by our passion for excellence. By uniting similar values within our organizations, better opportunities rise in the areas of customer service, product development, and manufacturing. We believe in long-term business relationships that are based on mutual goals, ethical business practices and the single-minded pursuit of delivering the extraordinary.   This strategic alignment revolving around transfer pumps, dispensing systems, liquid management, tire pressure technology, and garage workshop technology have allowed us to disrupt the old paradigm of providing industrial solutions.  From end user equipment to customized high flow transfer systems, TECALEMIT is able to separate itself from the rest of the pack.

Unlocking our brand flexibility

Developing, manufacturing, and assembling in-house customized turn-key solutions.

Touching and testing each piece of uniquely built equipment before it is shipped to our customers is a major part in ensuring our units perform to your highest standards.


Never settling for what has already been done before, TECALEMIT strives to take the everyday issues that our customers face & find a painless & cost effective solution. We thrive on outdoing not only our competition, but also ourselves.  Using our experience and expertise in the industry, we can help you prevent possible issues from the start.



We believe that everything can always be improved upon and we take all feedback seriously when thinking up the newest versions of our products.  We maintain an in-motion philosophy to always stay in a development phase to continue to improve core benefits to give our customers the ability to not only be more efficient, but also be more effective.


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In house development for complete system solutions.



Extensive product knowledge and core procedures.



System testing with corresponding medium.