4 Ways Fuel Jobbers Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is Almost Here. Are You Ready?

We’re a few days away from the official start of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. This season is forecasted to be more active than historical averages in regards to the number of named storms and hurricanes, according to The Weather Company. They’re predicting a total of 14 named storms – seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes – this season. A major hurricane consists of a storm that is Category 3 or stronger. Are you prepared for the upcoming hurricane season? In this blog, we’re providing a few helpful tips for you to stay ahead of the storms.

While for most the summer months mark vacation planning, kids being out of school, and having fun in the sun, there are others where summer months mark the start of hurricane season. For many business owners, especially in the Gulf region, the first rule of survival for an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster, is to be well prepared. It’s important your customers have confidence in you to provide for them in their most desperate time of need. To ensure this, it’s imperative to make sure your own resources are not limited.

During natural disasters, such as hurricanes, it’s not uncommon for electricity to be lost or unavailable. When this happens, generators becomes a necessity and fuel of all kinds become a lifeline. But what happens if you don’t have access to a generator? Here are some helpful tips to prepare for the storm.

  1. Check and Test Your Existing Equipment

We recommend you check and test your existing equipment prior to the start of each hurricane season. Ensure that all emergency and backup equipment is functioning properly. Take the time to make any necessary repairs or replacements now so that you’re not stuck with the headache in the middle of major storm.

  1. Understand the Importance of a Continuous Duty Cycle Pump

When major natural disasters occur, time is always of the essence. It’s important to ensure you don’t get caught in a waiting game when it comes to refueling trucks, tanks, other necessary pieces of equipment. Unlike most competitors of ours who’s transfer pumps run on a limited 30-45 minute duty cycle, TECALEMIT offers a 100% continuous duty cycle pump. The Hornet W85D features two different types of technology in a single pump, both a vane and centrifugal combination system. As the world’s first self-priming hybrid pump, it allows for faster, better performance. The Hornet W85D-Diesel is capable of handling small, medium, and large configurations making it a go-to piece of equipment to have in your emergency preparedness kit.

  1. Invest in a 12V DC-Powered Diesel Pump

When electricity is lost and access to a generator is unavailable, you’ll wish you had a 12V pump to transfer product. TECALEMIT offers one of the industry’s most reliable self-priming 12V diesel transfer pumps, the Hornet G50. Its high grade construction and quality will stand the test against time, as well as the storms. The standard kit includes an automatic nozzle with swivel design and 13 ft. of discharge hose. Consider investing in a 12V diesel transfer pump/s so they’re on-hand when needed.

Hornet G50 12V Diesel Transfer Pump
Fuel Management Systems: Superbox 2, 5-hose
  1. Have a Plan and Stay Organized

One of our best tips we can give you is to establish a plan of action ahead of time and retain organization. When a hurricane hits, it’s easy for chaos to erupt.  It’s crucial to have the ability to track every drop of product dispensed in an emergency situation, especially when most companies are running off limited supplies and means. A clear and smooth approach is to have an automated fuel inventory management system, such as TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox or Superbox. Designed to securely monitor and track the transfer of various liquid applications, you’ll be able to eliminate manual tracking and inventory inaccuracies. Eliminate the risk of having even one gallon unaccounted for by manually keeping track of your product inventory. Having an automated fuel management system, such as the Wonderbox or Superbox, will keep both you and your customers’ minds at ease.

If you’re looking for additional tips or product suggestions to ensure you’re prepared for the upcoming hurricane season, reach out to us. Feel free to send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at (281) 446-7300.


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