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An Inside Look: The People Behind Slim Line Oil Tanks

In 1951 James “Jimmy” Newberry began his journey in manufacturing tank trucks and steel storage tanks. Newberry was a founding member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI). As a result of his determination, drive, and new thinking, Newberry became known as “The Father of the PEI.” The heritage, reputation and commitment to quality that Newberry Tanks represents is the reason why we partnered with them in creating our lube oil tank packages. We believe in giving our customers the best.


Today, we partner with Newberry Tanks on their “New Thinking” initiative. The new slim line oil tanks, that promise true performance value, are part of our oil lube tank packages, because of the innovative design that we stand behind. We met with James Fischer, Vice President of Sales at Newberry Tanks for a Q&A on the subject. In this short Q&A, we are giving you the second side of these great packages: the Slim Line 280 and 500 gallon oil tanks, and the people behind it. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership, that enables us to bring this premium product to you.


Q: What is the manufacturing competitive advantage on the slim line of tanks?

A: The slim line tanks offer Robotic Welds, even weight distribution and Fork Skids for ease of mobility.


Q: What is driving the new vision?

A: Competitive Advantage = Economies of Scale. There are very few manufacturers in the “Obround” market.  With a limited pool of manufacturers, the industry has always gone with the status quo – evolving the tank market is evolving the functionality of the products.


Q: What is the process behind the manufacturing, from shop drawings to project management?

A: TECALEMIT and Newberry both pride ourselves in relationships and customer service. This is the very core of what we do day in and day out. The process always starts with the relationship. Trevor and Nancy have always done at a great job at taking care of the customer and backing up the promise behind the two brands, checking for accuracy and scheduling shipments.

Production is where the magic happens, starting with Engineered 3D Drawings via AutoCAD (Performed by Tony C., Andrew C.). Once these have been performed they are checked for accuracy by Director of Engineering, (Hashim A.) then submitted for approval. At this stage the orders are assigned a production lane, taking your tank from start to finish, with its very unique production model number, which rewards speed, accuracy, and quality control. (Trivia: every one of your oil tanks hold their tolerance to 1/32 of an inch). This is followed by a pressure and vacuum test initially, only to be retested by a senior lead or management at a later stage. We take the approach of perfection, as anyone should be able to reject a tank, at any stage. All tanks are tested and held to STI Quality Standards, meeting UL, ULC, and STI Specs.

Now onto the painting of your oil tank, where the process takes it through 1 of 4 paint booths, while being vigorously checked for proper application and MIL thickness. The same approach of perfection is taken here, where anyone can reject a tank.

Towards the final stage of the your oil tank manufacturing process, senior management inspects every tank before it gets prepared to ship, checking the order for accuracy, quality, and proper equipment. Whether you are ordering a PK3HD 3:1 or a PK5HD 5:1 pump kit package, quality control is there to ensure you receive the correct package.

Nearing the end of the manufacturing process, your oil tank package is ready to be shipped. Nancy S. of Newberry and Madisson T. at the TECALEMIT office, begin internal communication to make sure you are notified that your oil tank package is ready. Every detail is considered. Shipping is set up and your package is on its way to you, with quality and safety measures in place.


Q: What ongoing quality control improvements have been set in place?

A: Newberry Tanks practices Quality at the Source – a lean manufacturing principle that places the responsibility for quality in the hands of our experienced welders and craftsmen. Our craftsmen catch errors before a tank leaves our ship. With the support of our experienced engineering team and fabrication experts we deliver a superior product. We believe that being proactive, instead or reactive is better for our customers and our team. Success, with use of this lean model, requires new thinking. We are always evolving our thought process, in how to think smarter and stay ahead of any potential issues. Teamwork and individual excellence is the cornerstone of our approach.


Q: When the industry, led by way of the “peanut style” tanks, you pushed for a new design and created the slim line tank packages, when was this decision made?

A: Newberry had a tuck-in acquisition in 2012, acquiring Faith Tank. Faith manufactured rectangle lube tanks for the automotive and oil change industry. Newberry realized the similarities between the two styles and quickly realized there was a need for a more stable/durable product, thus we moved into building the Slim Line in 2013. Peanut Style tanks historically have been hard to move and top heavy, creating difficulties/issues for customers. Slim Line eliminates these issues with its innovative design.


Q: I understand that there is a slight change coming, in the physical dimensions of the 280 gallon tanks. They are becoming narrower, can you expand on this change?

A: The Obround tanks historically have served the “Home Oil” markets, also known as “Basement Tanks” – known for home heating oils.  Most businesses and homes have a standard 27” door opening. Newberry is changing the current dimensions of the slim 280’s to allow it to be flexible enough to fit through any standard door entry.


Q: What is the promise behind each slim oil tank package?

A: Newberry Tanks practices Quality at the Source, therefore our promise is that the order arrives 100% accurate, meets STI Quality Standards, and meets your vision.


In summary, the strength between the two organizations has re-awakened the passion for being the best “Performance -Value” package available today. Between our new PK3HD and PK5HD oil pumps and the Slim Line of oil tanks, you now have the best turnkey package that we invite you to try. Contact your sales representative for a quote… Mention “Performance-Value” for special pricing. For a closer look at our lube oil tank packages visit: LUBE OIL SINGLE DOUBLE WALL TANK PACKAGES

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