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Automated fuel management systems- liquid level probes

TECALEMIT_Wonderbox_level_probesMorning guys- we have been receiving a lot of questions on being able to take advantage of the nice feature of our Automated fuel management system, the Wonderbox, to be able to add a liquid level probe so that you can see the levels of your tank at the box itself.

I bet you were not aware of this feature!  Well, it is available and it comes fully integrated with our automated fuel management systems, the Wonderbox.  The integration happens with hardware and software, seamlessly.

The answer to staying away from having someone climb onto a top of a tank to “stick” it to see how much product there is left in the tank, is simply a level probe back to either your existing Automated fuel management systems, Wonderbox or your new fuel inventory set up.




So when you get ready to set this up for your customer, the level probe comes standard with approx 12ft -15ft.  So how do we extend the length of cable to be able to take it back to the Wonderbox?

At the end of the level probes you will notice two main wires, a brown and a green wire.

The only that you have to keep in kind is when extending these two wires back to the Wonderbox, the brown wire is the signal and the green is the ground.  You will need the appropriate length of wire in 22 gauge format, and make sure the right connection is done.  We did a short video on this illustrating the quick way to do this.


So push play below and enjoy… hope that answers your questions and thank you for brining it this up to our attention. Keep those questions coming in!




TECALEMIT Service, personal contact and customer focus is the core of what you should expect.  Welcome to the new experience.


Automated fuel management systemsIf you have any other questions on our TECALEMIT level probes or our Automated fuel management systems; do not hesitate to reach out.  We can reached at sales (at) tecalemitusa.com or if you want to chat with a member of our sales team, call us at 281 446 7300.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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