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Automated fuel management systems- multi-tasking to the power of 5

Automated Fuel management systems for fleetsIf you’re familiar with our Wonderbox Inventory Management unit, you know that it not only monitors the product being dispensed at your facility with ease, but also produces a detailed report showing you which driver pumped into which vehicle, and how often they are dispensing that product.  If you are using two tanks with two products, a Wonderbox on each container is still the most cost effective solution – but what if you have 3 or more different products being simultaneously pumped on a daily basis?  How can you effectively track all your fluids with precision and confidence and avoid the pains of manual, hand written tickets that can cause costly errors?

TECALEMIT’s automated fuel management systems, the Superbox, were designed to accommodate to tank farms that handle multiple mediums and can track up to 5 hoses and 4 fluids being dispensed at the same time.  You still get the convenience of tracking 4,000 units and the system will capture 10,000 transactions, but now you can allow drivers to pull up and pump dyed diesel, while another pumps gasoline, and yet another pumps diesel exhaust fluid all with one piece of equipment tracking each transaction. What could be easier, except to be able to eliminate the step of walking out to the box each time the data is needed?  After much anticipation, the wait is over and a Wi-Fi version is now available to you and your customers.


automated fleet fuel management inventory systems TECALEMIT #trustthetNow, when linked to your internal network, the Superbox can communicate remotely and information can be downloaded, vehicles can be edited, and drivers on vacation can have their assigned pins put on hold all from the office, without touching our actual automated fuel management systems.  Your original USB port has not been removed and can be used as needed, but with Wi-Fi or even LAN capability, using that flash drive is no longer the only means of accessing your records for reports.  The updated software, HDM 8, offers multiple features and can be explained in more detail here.  This GEN II version is an ideal situation for facilities with multiple locations with one main branch managing most of the Inventory and Accounting functions.  It allows one core administrator to manage the parameters of the reports being captured, capture pricing, and control where each product is being dispensed by each user, therefore preventing inventory losses.

Whether your customers are dispensing fuel or lubricants, chemicals or anti-freeze, if 3 or more products are being pumped at once, when looking at automated fuel management systems, the GEN II Superbox is the obvious solution.


TECALEMIT Contact us information #trustthetBut we want you to see it for yourself, write to us and ask for a fuel sample report to see how the Superbox can help you automate your existing manual tracking.

Get in touch by sending us an email at sales@tecalemitusa.com or log in to our website and send us a message by clicking here.  Of course, our phone lines are always available and we would be happy to walk you through how the system operates. Call us at 281-446-7300.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you automate your fleet fueling.





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