Lube-Oil Equipment Solutions

Flexible, Versatile, & Powerful: Lube-Oil Equipment Solutions from TECALEMIT


Bringing forth a fresh approach

TECALEMIT’s lube oil platform is extensive in many market segments. We’re excited to build on our history, flexibility, and experience to bring new lube-oil equipment solutions to the North American market. Our lube/oil smart packages offer a fresh approach at bringing you the most variety to help you capture more requests.

Fuel Management Systems

Fuel Management Systems – Automation Made Simple


Leave the headaches to the fuel management systems

In today’s world of technology, measures have been put in place with an underlying strategy to provide convenience and ease of use. Automation increases productivity and takes on the responsibility of demanding processes. Even within our industry, we continue to see the growth in transition to this type of platform. A prime example would be fuel management systems, which are more of a necessity now than ever before.

TECALEMIT offers variety when it comes to our fuel management systems. From stand-alone units, to complete dispensing packages, to dual-hose applications, our portfolio has it all.

Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

Unique Equipment Request? ‘Special Projects’ is Our Middle Name


All In One Northern and Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

TECALEMIT’s line of DEF-Pro All In One Systems have made a name for themselves in the industry for being functional and value-driven. When we combine one of these systems with our WM Pro Dispenser (weights and measures components), it’s a complete package. The WM Pro Dispenser offers a turn-key solution designed to be integrated into existing cardlock locations. Together, the result is impressive to say the least. Add to that a custom request by a customer to have the tank stand on adjustable legs suited for stairs. Now, we have a special project on our hands.

Multi Lube Bulk Plant

Customer Challenges Meet TECALEMIT Solutions


Tailored Solutions Just for YOU: Multi Lube Bulk Plant

Each special project we get the opportunity to be a part of, is well, special. We enjoy brainstorming and partnering with our customers to build custom solutions to meet their individual needs. No project is ever too big, or too small, for us to tackle. Building custom units is an opportunity for us to introduce new and innovative systems tailored to your specific needs.

One of our most recent custom-designed projects involved creating a unit that falls into our line of Pro-6000 high flow transfer skid systems, but with major upgrades and custom components. Our special projects team designed a large multi lube bulk plant on a carbon steel skid. Designed with four dispense points to push 4 different products, this unit boasts power and flexibility.

4 Ways Fuel Jobbers Can Prepare for Hurricane Season


Hurricane Season is Almost Here. Are You Ready?

We’re a few days away from the official start of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. This season is forecasted to be more active than historical averages in regards to the number of named storms and hurricanes, according to The Weather Company. They’re predicting a total of 14 named storms – seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes – this season. A major hurricane consists of a storm that is Category 3 or stronger. Are you prepared for the upcoming hurricane season? In this blog, we’re providing a few helpful tips for you to stay ahead of the storms.

Air Operated Drum Transfer Pump Makes Its Mark



TECALEMIT offers variety when it comes to our pump designs. Each are uniquely built with the end user in mind to increase work efficiency, collect a larger ROI, and handle a wide range of configurations. One of our newest products we’re offering, the Air Operated Drum Transfer Pump, is a pneumatic hand pump ideal for smaller applications.

How To: Connect a Contactor Relay to a Wonderbox


Quick and Simple Tutorial on Connecting a Contactor Relay to a Wonderbox

In this short video, we’ll explain how to connect a contactor relay to a Wonderbox fuel management system. The video tutorial focuses on re-routing power from your existing pump to the Wonderbox so that the system has control over the pump powering on and off.

DEF-Pro All In One Mini Bulk Tanks

Early DEF-Pro All In One Mini Bulk Tank Surpasses 1 Million Gallons of DEF


Behind the Promise: DEF-Pro All In One Mini Bulk Tanks

Every piece of equipment we stamp the TECALEMIT “T” on comes with our brand promise. It’s a promise to provide customers with products and services of premium quality, and to exceed customer expectations. For our DEF-Pro All In One mini bulk tanks, our promise extends to providing the best turn-key mini bulk tank with a small investment upfront, and a quick ROI in return. Take for example the first-generation DEF-Pro All In One Smart Package TECALEMIT sold within the first few years of our DEF equipment birth. This system has seen more than 1 million gallons of DEF run through it to date….and counting.

Fuel Management Self-Installation Certification

Fuel Management Self-Installation Certification


Fuel Management Self-Installation Certification Available through TECALEMIT USA

As an equipment manufacturer, it’s important our customers fully understand the systems they purchase from us. TECALEMIT creates quality and reliable products, but what good are they if users don’t understand the operation or purpose for them? At TECALEMIT, we want you to be 100% confident not only in the performance of our systems, but also the functionality of them.

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