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Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment – What do I need in order to jump into bulk? Part III: The Accessories

We are finalizing this series of Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment with this entry, the accessories Part III blog.

Part I was all about bulk storage tanks for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  You can read it by clicking this link.  In Part II, we focused on the bulk pump transfer system choices, and discussed several applications if you were needing a mobile system or wanted a dedicated hi flow transfer skid for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).  You can catch up on Part II by hitting up this link.

Now, we are wrapping this up by bringing it all full circle and discussing the accessories needed to make your Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment work perfectly for you.

I am not going to rehash the connections on the tanks, since I think we covered that very well in Part I, so let’s jump in.

Refilling IBC totes:

Whether you are using a portable system or a dedicated work horse, these are the connections needed when you are refilling IBC totes through a closed loop system.

Note: It is advised that you slow down the flow to a max of 45-50 gpm.

Below are typical connections that can be retrofitted to your portable or dedicated DEF transfer systems.  The Micro Matic Fill Head part #744-027 with EPDM seals is the one that we normally use on all our systems.  Simply connect your fill head to the RSV valve on the tote cap and you are in business.

DEF accessories TECALEMIT










Discharging from IBC Totes:

Once you take these totes to your customers, the connection often needed is the Micro Matic dispense coupler part #3713 with EPDM seals.

Recently Micro Matic released their brand new composite dispense coupler, and we can say that the coupler looks and feels fantastic.  The composite dispense coupler comes barbed as one piece and gives you another option to dispense from totes. Part#5702 is the composite dispenser with barbed liquid outlet and EPDM seals, capable of 10 gpm.

Tecalemit micro matic coupler

Micromatic composite dispense coupler

tecalemit DEF pump coupler

MicroMatic barbed dispense coupler












So, now that we have covered those accessories… let’s focus on the items needed to refill bulk tanks.

Bulk refill 

You have a couple of easy options to fill DEF Mini-Bulk Storage Tank Systems. Remember that portable DEF pump that had the Micro Matic fill head at the end of the discharge hose?

Option 1- 

Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment

Micromatic RSV valve

You are going to use the fill head, mentioned above, to secure the connection to refill the Mini-Bulk Tank via the RSV valve.  In Part II of this series, we discussed flow rates on some of the portable DEF pump systems, so perhaps going back to review is not a bad idea. Using a 1-1/2″ hose and Micro Matic dispense coupler, you can push 45 gpm, with the right meter.







Option 2-

DEF pump transfer systems TECALEMIT

Dry connect fittings

If you are requesting dry disconnect fittings, make sure that you carry the adapter with you to be able to engage the male adapter at the fill line. If you take a look at the picture attached, the male adapter is only engaged open once the female coupler (at the end of your dispense) is secured in place to open the valve.  If your system has been equipped to push out 50 gpm, this Parker fitting will not have an issue with that flow rate.







Option 3-

DEF mini bulk tank storage systems 3 TECALEMIT

Standard 2″ camlock fitting

If you are delivering your Mini-Bulk DEF tanks with a standard 2″ camlock connection, then this will be most simple connection in terms of ease of use and gpm allowed.   The 2″ camlock  line will be the fastest line, capable of opening up at 100 gpm.  (System needs to be configured correctly)








As you can see, all these fittings are important, but just as important are the right hoses, pumps, and meters.

TECALEMIT Contact us information #trustthetIf you have questions on configuring the right type of system based on your current needs… we are here to help.  Contact us here or call us at 281 446 7300

This series was inspired by several individuals in the industry; customers and friends who thought it was important to highlight these items when designing a bulk DEF transfer system.


If you want us to highlight a new topic, just shoot us an email.  We are always taking up requests!

Thanks for reading….


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Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment

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