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Cardlock fuel management systems- Reimagine the possibilities

TECALEMIT continues to innovate by always improvising and adding value for our customers/partners.  The following is a prime example of what a truly turn-key package looks like.  Our competitors should take notes.  Everything is preassembled together to work right out of the box, and yet we always go beyond just shipping you a basic ‘box’.  These cardlock fuel management systems are configured in our facility to make it easier for you to just plug and go.  Each component is carefully selected and assembled to ensure you have the toughest, most reliable unit possible.  We understand that every drop of fluid counts and every moment of your day is valuable, so we build you equipment that gets the job done quickly and without breaking the bank.

The innovative approach here at TECALEMIT dates back to the introduction of the first heavy duty hand piston pump for lubes, which is still dependable enough to be one of our most popular products today.  This principle of being customer-driven is found throughout our entire portfolio and product line.

The sample below is our well-known single hose, fuel management system, the WonderBox (one of our Cardlock fuel management systems).  We were asked to custom-build a unit that would always be sheltered from the elements, be printer-ready, and would require minimal effort to set up and secure.  So we got work, engineering and designing a stand that would accommodate to the customer’s needs and fit within their allotted footprint.  The result is what you see in the image provided.

The mentioned fuel management system itself contains our standard features: 10,000 transaction memory, 4,000 drivers and vehicles, and connectivity modules that are fully configured before the system ships.   Whether you choose a USB, LAN, Wi-Fi or the soon to be released GPRS version, you won’t have to spend any time figuring out the next step.  We do business this way because no one else does.  There are many options out there, but no one does it quite like TECALEMIT.  Our added value approach and commitment to giving you a turn-key system is just one of the ways we aim to please you.

If you have any questions on our cardlock fuel management systems or would like to create your own system, do not hesitate to contact us.  We’re always up for the challenge.

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