Back to Our Core: The Hornet W85 DEF Transfer Pump & What it is NOT



During these last couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to hear from our customers and gain some insight on one of our core products. The Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is by far Tecalemit’s core, the heart and soul behind everything we do. In this congested industry where customers are given numerous options, the Hornet W85 DEF stands out more than ever. Today, we are tackling some of the reasons why Tecalemit’s DEF pump is unique, while emphasizing what it’s NOT compared to others in the market.

DEF Storage: Transitioning from Drums & Totes, to Tanks



TECALEMIT consistently seeks out opportunities to create and design systems that fill a gap in the market. We thrive on being known as innovators in the industry, providing first of its kind equipment solutions that allow a healthy ROI for customers. TECALEMIT’s DEF-Pro All In One Smart Packages are DEF mini bulk tank systems that combine this level of innovation, creativity, and most importantly, value.

Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

Unique Equipment Request? ‘Special Projects’ is Our Middle Name


All In One Northern and Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

TECALEMIT’s line of DEF-Pro All In One Systems have made a name for themselves in the industry for being functional and value-driven. When we combine one of these systems with our WM Pro Dispenser (weights and measures components), it’s a complete package. The WM Pro Dispenser offers a turn-key solution designed to be integrated into existing cardlock locations. Together, the result is impressive to say the least. Add to that a custom request by a customer to have the tank stand on adjustable legs suited for stairs. Now, we have a special project on our hands.

DEF mini bulk

Achieve a quicker ROI with DEF Mini Bulk Packages

All In One DEF Mini Bulk Smart Packages

With the rise in demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), we set out to design DEF mini bulk tanks that performed to the ISO standards mandated, functioned well, shipped easily, and provided a quick ROI. What our efforts resulted in is what is known in the market today as the DEF-Pro All In One Smart Packages. These systems are 100% turn-key, and houses everything you need to safely store and dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

FAQ: Why Should You Use Double Wall DEF Storage Containment Opposed to Single?

DEF Double Wall Storage Containment v. Single Wall



A frequently asked question we receive regarding the Kingspan BlueMaster® mini bulk storage tank is why it’s better (and recommended) to use a DEF double wall storage containment set up, opposed to a single wall containment setup. This is a great question many consumers have and we are happy to help those of you answer it in this short video and blog.

FAQ: How Does the BlueMaster® Protect DEF from Contamination?

Learn how the BlueMaster® DEF mini bulk storage tank protects from DEF contamination

A frequently asked question we receive about the Kingspan BlueMaster® DEF island friendly mini bulk storage tank is how does it protect DEF from contamination? This is a great question and we are happy to help answer it in this short video and blog.

DEF Island Friendly Mini Bulk Storage Tank

BlueMaster® Week: Island Friendly Mini Bulk Storage Tanks READY TO SHIP!


BlueMaster® Island Friendly Mini Bulk Storage Tank is IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP!

Welcome back to the blog!

The past few days have given us the opportunity to provide you with more specific information regarding the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly mini bulk storage tank. Each day, we’ve highlighted different aspects of the tank that make it truly one of kind. From warranties, to technical specifications, and more, we’ve covered it all. If you missed out on any of these blogs, be sure to check them out here.

Continuing along with BlueMaster® week, we want to bring to light another incentive of purchasing one of these tanks. Right now, at TECALEMIT, we have the BlueMaster® tanks IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP! We’ll put each tank through a quality assurance test to ensure we’re only providing customers with a product that’s in its best condition. Typically, you can expect to have your BlueMaster® shipped within a week of placing an order!

Everything we do here at TECALEMIT is 100% customer-driven. If you have more questions about the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly storage tank, or other products of ours, reach out to us. You can contact us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or by calling us at 281-446-7300.

Thanks for reading!

Kingspan BlueMaster® - DEF Island Friendly Tank

BlueMaster® Week: DEF Island Friendly Tank Warranty


BlueMaster® DEF Island Friendly Tank and Equipment Parts Warranty

Earlier this week, we took you through the inside of the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly tank and highlighted some key features that sets this tank apart from the rest. In addition, we also illustrated how the architecture and design of the tank makes it truly island friendly for cardlock locations. On today’s blog, we’re focusing on the warranties that accompany the BlueMaster®.
Most significant is the 10-year tank warranty on the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly tank. A 10-year warranty on anything today, even a tank, is rarely offered to a buyer. The BlueMaster® was designed to offer a reliable and robust DEF storage solution. It has been put to the test in the most demanding of fleet environments, standing the test of time against the most rigorous weather conditions, customer use, and unexpected situations. With nearly 10,000 Kingspan BlueMaster® DEF island friendly tanks distributed across regions from Christchurch, New Zealand to Santiago, Chile, Kingspan continues to be at the forefront of the industry advancement. We’re confident in the manufacturing expertise and in the product itself, resulting in our guaranteed 10-year tank warranty. In addition to the tank warranty, the BlueMaster® also comes with a 1-year warranty on the equipment and parts inside.
The BlueMaster® is the new best in market economical fully integrated island friendly solution. Check back on our blog tomorrow where we compare the BlueMaster® to some of the competition in the market, and get an illustrated look at how the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly tank surpasses the competition on multiple levels.
Kingspan BlueMaster® DEF island friendly storage tank drawing

BlueMaster® Week: Inside Features of the DEF island friendly storage tank


What’s Inside the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly storage tank?

TECALEMIT’s new partnership with Kingspan brings a wealth of new opportunities for those of us in the DEF industry. Working together, our goal is to fill the gap and provide new and innovative DEF storage solutions with the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly storage tank.

If you’re not already familiar with this product, then you might be asking what makes it so unique and different from what’s already available in the market. Allow us to help you answer those questions throughout this week as we highlight different features of the BlueMaster®. To start it off, we believe one of the most, if not the most, unique aspect of the tank is actually what’s inside of it.

Inside Features
  • Opposite of many competitors’ products, the BlueMaster® is a true double wall storage tank with a fully insulated inner tank. This feature was designed to ensure environmental protection and to safeguard against DEF contamination. Peace of mind knowing your assets are protected and remain pure for the lifetime of tank is key.
  • The BlueMaster® allows all of your equipment to be housed within the protective walls of the tank. The frontside door has heavy duty hinges and it is also lockable. Upon opening, you’ll find a DEF flow meter, digital level control, automatic dispensing nozzle with 25 ft. of hose, a control panel for power connectivity and circuit breakers, and a submersible pump. In addition, the BlueMaster® offers a 2” fill line ending in a Parker Hannifin dry lock disconnect, which can be interchangeable with a camlock.

What’s also exciting about the BlueMaster® is looking ahead at how it will continue to offer more customized features based on customer needs. The stock items currently offered with this product will continue to expand to offer more custom solutions on a customer need basis.

The BlueMaster® DEF island friendly tank is the ultimate DEF storage solution. For more information on this product, you can check out the BlueMaster® product page. You can also send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at 281-446-7300. Check back on the blog tomorrow as we’ll be highlighting what makes this the ideal cardlock solution.

Rail Bulk DEF Hi-Flow Transfer Pump System



Introducing the “Magic Cube” – TECALEMIT’s custom rail bulk DEF hi-flow transfer pump system

Each of us prepare for winter in our own ways. Some might purchase a new jacket or boots, others will pick up a snow shovel at the local hardware store. However, those in our industry have to consider preparing their DEF equipment for the frosty temperatures. Some North American regions experience a more “artic” winter than others. Take northern Canada, for example. Last winter, northern Canada experienced -40°F weather and fortunately, for our particular customer, were prepared.

TECALEMIT special teams designed a custom-built system, known as the “Magic Cube,” for this particular customer. The Magic Cube was a 6’ x 6’ x 6’ rail bulk DEF hi-flow transfer pump system built specifically for extreme winter weather conditions. The Magic Cube served as a multi-purpose transloading unit that transferred Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) from rail to truck, rail to tank, and tank to truck. TECALEMIT insulated the entire cabinet, added multiple heaters inside of it, as well as lights. In addition, we heat traced all pipes inside the cabinet to keep them at an appropriate temperature, and to avoid freezing and cracking. The Magic Cube rail bulk DEF hi-flow transfer pump system included a 575V pump, a 100 ft. hose reel, as well as an E + H Coriolis meter to meet Canada’s strict regulations.

TECALEMIT special teams are ready to serve you with specialty application solutions. This particular special project of ours truly encompasses our core company pillars including performance, innovation, technology, and service.

For more information, contact us at 281-446-7300, or email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com.

Check back tomorrow where we’ll be closing out #DEFWeek with one final winter-friendly system!

#TrustTheT and stay warm, my friends!

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