Fuel Management Hardware

Mytecalemit Cloud: Fuel Inventory Management Hardware & Why We Believe in Traditions


Let’s talk about traditionalism. We are purists at heart, because when it comes to cloud computing hardware, we believe in not departing from the industry standard. Our hardware maintains all of the features your drivers have come to know and depend on, such as a keypad / LCD screen, key fobs and NEMA 4 weather proofing head units.  We choose to do it in this fashion because conditions are never  “clear and sunny”.

Introducing Mytecalemit Cloud: The Latest in Fuel Inventory Management


We are thrilled to announce the latest rendition in fuel management, affectionately named Mytecalemit. The foundation and basic ingredients are all about you, because the control and options belong to you. We heard you loud and clear and Tecalemit has crafted an inventory management package that is all about value, traditions and recognizing solutions.

Fuel Management System

Fuel Management : Past, Present, & Future


With all the noise in our daily lives, it’s easy to forget the past. In fact, life is so fast-paced that we forget what happened yesterday and we forget what we learned. Let’s change that. Our team is making a conscious effort to remember that each experience adds value to our existence and each moment is an opportunity to develop what we do. Little by little, day to day, our efforts are shaping our future. You may have noticed that our endeavors are getting some attention, which is both humbling and exciting. With each day, we are closer to fulfilling our mission here at TECALEMIT.


Diesel Dispensing Station



We’re concluding Diesel Power Month with a product that is a combination of user friendliness and out of the box engineering. We’re bringing you none other than TECALEMIT’s HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser. With its built-in inventory management system and plug & play feature, this product boasts quality and reliability.

Fuel Management Systems

Fuel Management Systems – Automation Made Simple


Leave the headaches to the fuel management systems

In today’s world of technology, measures have been put in place with an underlying strategy to provide convenience and ease of use. Automation increases productivity and takes on the responsibility of demanding processes. Even within our industry, we continue to see the growth in transition to this type of platform. A prime example would be fuel management systems, which are more of a necessity now than ever before.

TECALEMIT offers variety when it comes to our fuel management systems. From stand-alone units, to complete dispensing packages, to dual-hose applications, our portfolio has it all.

How To: Connect a Contactor Relay to a Wonderbox


Quick and Simple Tutorial on Connecting a Contactor Relay to a Wonderbox

In this short video, we’ll explain how to connect a contactor relay to a Wonderbox fuel management system. The video tutorial focuses on re-routing power from your existing pump to the Wonderbox so that the system has control over the pump powering on and off.

Fuel Management Self-Installation Certification

Fuel Management Self-Installation Certification


Fuel Management Self-Installation Certification Available through TECALEMIT USA

As an equipment manufacturer, it’s important our customers fully understand the systems they purchase from us. TECALEMIT creates quality and reliable products, but what good are they if users don’t understand the operation or purpose for them? At TECALEMIT, we want you to be 100% confident not only in the performance of our systems, but also the functionality of them.

Superbox 2-Hose – Automated Fuel Inventory Control System


2-Hose Superbox Automated Fuel Inventory Control System : Accountable, Efficient, Precise

When it comes to automated fuel inventory control systems, it’s important to do a bit of research prior to purchasing. Select a system that’ll be able to perform and meet all of your needs. TECALEMIT offers a variety of fluid inventory control systems from stand-alone units, to complete dispensing packages. One of our most popular developments is the Superbox 2-Hose system.

Superbox 5-Hose Fleet Inventory Management System

Superbox 5-Hose – Fleet Inventory Management System


Capture every transaction with the Superbox 5-hose fleet inventory management system

TECALEMIT offers variety when it comes to our line of fleet inventory management systems. Features unmatched in the industry come stacked with these systems. TECALEMIT’s 5-hose Superbox is one of several automated inventory management systems offered. This stand-alone system is designed to securely monitor and track the transfer of various fluid applications.

M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System

Unique Challenges Call for Unique System Solutions


Special Project: M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System

Here at TECALEMIT, we create quality products that are driven by our customers’ needs. This is why when it comes to special projects, we always put our best foot forward to provide customers with painless and cost-effective solutions. These solutions exceed their expectations and result in better work efficiency.

A recent project we completed involved a customer that was struggling to maintain productivity, and who sought new resources to replace outdated equipment.

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