W85 DEF Pump

A Decade of DEF: Maturity, Mandates, and the W85 DEF Pump


An outline of DEF mandates and how the W85 DEF Pump finds its place in the market


The DEF industry has matured rapidly over the last ten years – from the initial 2 1/2 gallon jugs and 55 gallon drums, to a vast array of options available for bulk DEF, wet hosing, and bulk transfer. The transformation has been fascinating. At times, this amount of growth seemed unimaginable.

Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Pump

Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Pump: Features and Applications


Our favorite part of this industry is problem solving for you. We put ourselves in your shoes and we understand that justifying the cost of an electric pump may not be feasible. No job is too small. This Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Pump fits perfectly in applications of 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes or our popular, 330 gallon tote. If your customer happens to be a smaller consumer of DEF, this air-operated pump is far more sophisticated than manual options, yet more affordable than an electric pump. We deeply consider our light consumers and this package will give you an edge where air may be available.

If light duty and affordability is what you need, send our team an email and we will be happy to tell you more: sales@tecalemitusa.com

TECALEMIT Micro Matic Closed Loop System Dispense Coupler

W85 DEF Pump Set-Up: Micro Matic Closed Loop System Components


The closed loop system was introduced to the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) industry to regulate the process of filling /dispensing, maintain the purity of the substance within an IBC tote/ drum container, and to reduce over spillage. This system is known for its reliability and effectiveness ensuring that the over-all quality of the product is preserved. Understanding the components that make-up the closed loop system, the over-all function, and significant role each accessory plays is critical for all consumers handling DEF in IBC totes/drums. Tecalemit provides Micro Matic accessories to ensure customers receive quality accessories for their DEF tote applications. Below are some of the key accessories needed to complete a closed loop system and how you can benefit from applying these components to your tote/drum application.

Back to Our Core: The Hornet W85 DEF Transfer Pump & What it is NOT



During these last couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to hear from our customers and gain some insight on one of our core products. The Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is by far Tecalemit’s core, the heart and soul behind everything we do. In this congested industry where customers are given numerous options, the Hornet W85 DEF stands out more than ever. Today, we are tackling some of the reasons why Tecalemit’s DEF pump is unique, while emphasizing what it’s NOT compared to others in the market.

110V Lube Oil Dixon Pump for Pro-5000 Series

When you combine years of industry experience with the willingness to venture creatively outside the lines of tradition, you get innovation. Here at TECALEMIT, we’re just that – innovators. We are constantly brainstorming new equipment solutions to make customer jobs easier and more efficient. That’s why we’ve taken the Lube/Oil Pro-5000 Transfer Pump System and made it even better. Now featuring a 110V Dixon pump that boasts a new level of technology and consistency.

Designed with End-Users in Mind: Hornet G50 12V Diesel Transfer Pump


Hornet G50 12V Diesel Transfer Pump

When it comes to providing equipment solutions, TECALEMIT’s goal is to always make the customer efficient. This remains key for TECALEMIT’s line of transfer pumps, which are uniquely designed with the end user in mind. On today’s blog, we’re highlighting the Hornet G50 12V Diesel Transfer Pump.

Air Operated Drum Transfer Pump Makes Its Mark



TECALEMIT offers variety when it comes to our pump designs. Each are uniquely built with the end user in mind to increase work efficiency, collect a larger ROI, and handle a wide range of configurations. One of our newest products we’re offering, the Air Operated Drum Transfer Pump, is a pneumatic hand pump ideal for smaller applications.

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