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DEF bulk storage tank – a cardlock guide

DEF Bulk storage tank equipment-cardlocks

DEF bulk storage tank – a cardlock guide

As we all get settled into the new year, and new strategies become more important for 2016, bulk DEF continues to evolve from West coast to East coast.

What we wanted to do here is kick off a series of how to start contemplating adding a DEF bulk storage tank to  an existing island, what to look for, what to be asking for.

The configurations vary and can be very simple as well as complex.  So, a very good understanding of how ultimately, the complete system will operate, is critical.

For starters, your region will dictate if a heated and insulated dispenser/tank package will be needed.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) freezing point is 12°F, so keep that in kind. Also, a critical element is that DEF will freeze faster in small spaces such as hoses, nozzles, etc…

The other point to consider is foot print availability.  This opens up conversions, whether to place the DEF bulk storage tank away from the island, or if we need to be space conscious and place the tank directly on the island.

So, in this up and coming series, we’d like to open up the dialogue so that together we can explore all these options for you.

Stay tuned as we dive into this new series…

In typical fashion, if you have any questions on this or any other related topic. You can reach us at sales@tecalemitusa.com, or you can call us at 281 446 7300.



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