DEF Island Friendly Tanks for Commercial Applications

DEF Island Friendly Tanks for Commercial Applications

BlueMaster Turn-Key DEF Storage and Dispensing System – The Ultimate Commercial Application Solution

When it comes to DEF mini bulk storage for commercial applications, there’s no question that the BlueMaster is the ultimate solution. Trust reliability that comes from a global leader with over 10 years of experience designing and manufacturing DEF storage and dispensing solutions across the world. Furthermore, the BlueMaster brings a fresh and simple approach to the marketplace for DEF island friendly tanks for commercial applications.

The BlueMaster DEF turn-key island friendly storage and dispensing system is ideal for commercial applications including municipalities, cardlock stations, and private fleets. Unlike other systems offered in the marketplace, the BlueMaster offers a true double wall containment solution built of high-grade and robust polyethylene. Allow your concerns of leakage or spills to be set to ease with the BlueMaster’s secondary containment. Furthermore, it was designed specifically with cardlock islands in mind and its 1056 gallon configuration fits perfectly on most island set ups. The BlueMaster’s island-friendly sizing means less space occupied at your cardlock location, or on your yard.

The BlueMaster DEF storage tank is a turn-key solution that is value-driven with the customer in mind.  It effortlessly houses all necessary components to safely and efficiently store and dispense DEF. To view a full list of technical specifications, click here. Additionally, the BlueMaster requires zero assembly efforts allowing you to save costs with easy installation and servicing. Have concerns on how the BlueMaster will hold up against a variety of environmental or customer use challenges? Don’t worry. It’s been put to the test in the most demanding of fleet environments, standing the test of time against the most rigorous weather conditions, customer use, and unexpected situations.

Additionally, there are several upgrade options available for the BlueMaster for commercial applications. One option available is to have TECALEMIT’S Wonderbox fluid inventory management system installed and mounted within the equipment housing. This would allow you to track your inventory of DEF, help minimize inaccuracies, and capture every transaction. The Wonderbox is our single-hose option, however, if you are looking to monitor and track multiple fluids, you can upgrade your BlueMaster tank to include TECALEMIT’s Superbox. The Superbox comes in a 2 or 5 hose option and is ideal if you already have an existing configuration set up.

For example, let’s say you already have diesel fuel and gas at your cardlock. You want to add DEF as an additional option utilizing the BlueMaster tank, and you want to be able to track and monitor the transfers of all 3 liquid applications. The Superbox 5-hose fluid management system would be your go-to solution.

For a complete description of the Wonderbox capabilities, click here. For Superbox, click here.

The BlueMaster for commercial applications continues to make its mark in the US market. We’re building on this momentum to bring forth the next level of BlueMaster tanks for retail application setups. The same all-inclusive BlueMaster package will soon be available and outfitted for retail stations. Look out for our next blog where we’ll offer you further information!

Everything we do here at TECALEMIT is 100% customer-driven. If you have more questions about the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly storage tank for commercial applications, or other products of ours, reach out to us. You can contact us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or by giving us a call at 281-446-7300.


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