DEF mini bulk storage tank

DEF Mini Bulk Storage Tank – DEF-PRO All In One

Forward thinking from TECALEMIT takes DEF mini bulk storage tanks to the next level

We are happy to share the following entry, highlighting the DEF mini bulk storage tanks, and the evolution of these DEF storage tanks from the early days.

As most of us know by now, DEF has matured in the last 12 months, jumping ahead from its supply distribution of 55 gal drums and IBC totes into mini bulk set ups. A jump that although was expected, it came sooner than anticipated.

Enter, the DEF Pro All In One™.  This is TECALEMIT’s answer to helping you graduate into the DEF mini bulk storage tank set up.  Conceptually designed a few years back, the DEF Pro All In One™ has matured well in the industry and caught a lot of attention from the early prototypes.  Fast forward to 2013; and the DEF PRO All In One™ has gained several upgrades and the customization options needed to maintain its leadership.

Early beginnings

First of all, let’s quickly explore the early beginnings.  Let’s be honest, the ROI on any of the industry early units was not there.  They were expensive and new to a market place that still had a lot of questions about the long term of DEF. The idea of the All In One was placed on the sketching board out of the necessity to give the masses an alternative.  This same thinking follows into the second generation of DEF PRO All In One’s… Give the customer the capability and the customization options bundled in a value package; aimed to help distributors make the jump to the market need of DEF mini bulk storage tanks.

The package has extended its range of capacities and accessories that you can add to satisfy the most demanding conditions, whether you happen to be in a northern climate or a southern climate; this DEF mini bulk storage tank system can help you achieve piece of mind.

Looking forward

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) will continue to mature and grow in the US and with our friends up in the North (Canada); along with this steady growth; TECALEMIT INC is making the commitment to continue to innovate and push the design elements of the existing models.  The success of the DEF Pro All In One™ has always been customer driven, listening to you has made this DEF mini bulk tank storage and dispense system a success.

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