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Winter maintenance- DEF mini bulk tank storage system

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…so goes the popular song written by Frank Loesser back in 1944.

Fast forward to our winter season 2016, and all that we can say is Baby, It’s Cold Outside! How are you handling your mini bulk DEF storage systems?

Your mini bulk DEF PRO All In One tank storage system needs routine maintenance, much like any other mechanical system. In order to perform at its fullest potential, each moving part needs to be cared for properly which in this case, includes a little TLC during the winter months. TECALEMIT’s Northern units are built to withstand the brutally cold weather that some of our customers endure, but a little thinking ahead will go a long way in making sure that your system stays operational.

One of the biggest issues we have seen during the last couple of years falls on the fill-line.  Remember, we are talking small quantities left in the line, no more than a gallon.  So Emptying the fill-line is something that will prevent DEF freezing under harsh cold conditions.  So, how do we do this?

DEF mini bulk tank storage system TECALEMIT Dual 3

There are a few ways to clear the product from the fill-line. 1) If your unit has a dry disconnect valve, make sure that you have the adapter that can be used to push the spring inward and evacuate the fluid from the line. Also, pushing air into your line will free up the hose and keep you in the clear. 2) If your system is utilizing a cam lock system, simply open the ball valve to evacuate fluid. Of course, when you are opening the valve, have a bucket ready to catch excess fluid.  3) A few other tips to keep in mind in the winter months are to always make sure the thermostat is set correctly for the heater and to make sure the cabinet door is completely closed and latched before leaving for the day to keep the cold air out overnight.

The mini-bulk DEF-PRO All In One tank storage system is durable, dependable, and efficient and will last through the toughest of conditions with just a few quick and simple adjustments to your daily dispensing routine, you will have a great system that will perform well this winter.

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Thank you for reading and stay warm!

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