def pump truck belly boxes

DEF Pump Truck Belly Boxes: A Peek Behind These High Flow Systems

Some of the biggest names in the industry buy our Hornet W85 pumps by the pallet.  Others swear by our All In One storage/cabinet combos.  Others call our office daily for our professional input and support.  Our partners small and large, near and far, all know us to be as honest, dependable, and hard-working as our equipment itself.  But in addition to all of that, we always push ourselves to listen more, learn more, and build more.  That’s why we love when we’re challenged with new custom projects.  We want to design something you’ve never had, but always needed.  Our vision is to wow you visually, but also increase your productivity.  We believe in providing quality equipment that doesn’t cost you a fortune and we do so daily on many different scales.

DEF Pump Truck Belly Boxes

One of our latest labors of love has been the DEF Pump truck belly boxes shown in the attached video.  If you’re familiar with fluid distribution transport trailers, you understand the necessity of having efficient storage underneath the truck frame.  The confined space combined with the jarring ride to and from deliveries, makes an interesting home for crucial pieces of equipment to reside.  We build these DEF pump truck belly boxes often and our engineers custom build to order, but in many cases (such as this one) we re-imagine, test, and create new alternatives that can make the job a lot easier and save you space and time, which of course ultimately saves money.

There are small details that most companies overlook, but we love the element of surprise and that is why our customers keep coming back.  We approach every project as if it was built for our own use using a series of basic questions:

  • How simple is it to operate?
  • Can I access certain compartments for easy maintenance?
  • If I am loading or unloading, which side do I need to place the reel connections?

These questions may seem very simple, but ease-of-use is at the heart of every custom built system we ship out.  We call it… FLUID THINKING.

We are proud to be your DEF equipment experts, but we also build solutions for fuels, chemicals, and lubricants as well.  If there is a project we haven’t yet tackled, we are always willing to do the homework to find ways to make it happen.  Our business is making your business run smoother… and we’ve got it down to a T.

Got questions on these DEF pump truck belly boxes?  Do not hesitate to contact us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or you can call us at 281 446 7300.



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