Diesel Dispenser - HDM eco 80

DIESEL WEEK: MONDAY – HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser


We’re kicking off Diesel Week with a product that is a combination of user friendliness and out of the box engineering. We’re bringing you none other than the HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser from TECALEMIT. With its built-in inventory management system and plug & play feature, this product boasts quality and reliability. It’s a complete plug & play package.

The HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser from TECALEMIT is an incredibly easy package to set up and install. An electrical and fluid supply line is all you need to start up your system. It’s really that easy! We’ve done the work so that you don’t have to. Simply connect your supply line and power, decide the number of users and vehicles (up to 4,000), and your system is ready to go.

Controlling your inventory is just as simple as setting up the dispenser itself. With each HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser comes an automated inventory management system called a Wonderbox. TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox fluid management system is designed to securely control delivery during the transfer of liquid applications. It’s capable of tracking 4,000 users & vehicles, and 10,000 transactions. It also allows you to track driver IDs, vehicle IDs, odometers, and quantities. This unit is also available in LAN/WiFi options.

Along with the built-in automated inventory management system, the HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser offers other key features that make it a complete dispensing package. Included is a 110V rotary vane pump that pushes 22 gpm at the nozzle, and offers a max. suction lift of 8 ft. An oval gear flow meter with pulse is also included, which features a two-line LCD illuminated display. For more technical specifications and upgrade options for the HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser from TECALEMIT, visit our product page.

To receive more information on our diesel products, contact us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or calling us at 281-446-7300. We’re happy to help!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out which diesel product we’ll be featuring next!



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