Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) weights and measures- dispensing solutions

Businesses have, for the majority of the time, seen innovation as something that is incremental, constantly striving to find an angle to set them apart.

Take a real close look at our closest competitor, they build on what is already available.  Why? Simply to try to create a big splash of small adjustments.  They tweak, they add a little extra, and most commonly just add another feature only to now find ways to get the market to notice how different they are.

On the contrary, TECALEMIT sees things in a different light.  We always take the approach that lead us back to the drawing board in order to create and redefine the rules of the game.

weights and measures DEF CANADA meter Enter the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Weights and Measures platform for card-lock applications.  TECALEMIT decided that it was time to give the market another option, especially in the Canadian DEF sector.  Currently, very limited packages are available as Measurement Canada approved.  Getting your hands on one of these offerings may be a bit cumbersome.  “Large and bulky” is how it has been described to handle smaller applications.

Let me expand and help you visualize what we are trying to convey.  The current need to resale out of totes has lead us down the path to help our partners regain momentum in those areas that were being shut down for lack of a certified package.  Add the fact that most card-lock locations started reselling out of IBC totes, the need for a more palatable option was needed.

-We placed a lot of emphasis on making sure the new package was simple enough to retrofit to any DEF pump equipment.

-We have made easy enough to use existing components such as hoses and nozzles.

-We gave you all the connections on the suction & discharge side to simply plug and play.

-We kept the design user friendly out of the box, no need to set up a base or platform to build.


The new system is one of several variations that will be available during Q1, 2015.   The immediate need was to develop these initial packages with the direct intent of placing the unit(s) indoors for service lane applications.

Having the units at ground level will help operate the systems easier.  In addition, keeping them out of the way only maximizes efficiencies.


TECALEMIT DEF weights and measures dispensers CANADA


The LCR II electronic register takes center stage.

Measurement Canada approved. | Weights & Measures approved.

All wetted materials are approved per ISO 22241-3

Canadian flow rates 10-50L/min. |     US flow rates 2-20 GPM.

The meter is concealed and tucked away inside robust Stainless Steel casing, simplifying the overall package.

Electronic thermal roll printer.

You will be able to use your existing DEF pump.  Simply connect your hoses and you are in business.  Retrofitting this package is easy.

The package will not only be appealing and simple to operate, but it will also keep pricing extremely attractive.



If you have an application for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Weights and Measures that is similar to what you see here, do not hesitate to call us to further discuss, we’ll be happy to assist you.

We can be reached at sales(@)tecalemitusa(dot)com or by dialing 281-446-7300.

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Stay tuned for the rest of the lined up to show up…….


Creating a difference through innovative fluid thinking.



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