Diesel Dispenser - HDM eco 80

Diesel fuel pump dispensers with inventory control- Expanding the possibilities.

When Tom called in to describe a real issue with his project, we all paid attention. Tom is an experienced equipment installer that understands the complexities of setting multiple peripherals and make them sing together.  The challenge that his customer presented to him was to look for a single system that “could do it all”, in his own words.  The customer had placed a request on Tom to find and install a system that could be operated simply, be robust enough to be placed outside for worry free operation, track his diesel fuel consumption, and also print out a ticket for his drivers.  Tom went on to explain that he could put together a package using a diesel fuel dispenser, a remote diesel pump, and a fuel management system. However, adding the automation of a ticket printer was a bit daunting.    So we all knew that this could be done conventionally, all that Tom had to do was source all the pieces and begin work on site to give the customer a working system.  But let’s not forget that the goal was to have a clean set up that would serve as a showpiece at the customer’s corporate location.

After listening to Tom speak about his background, his need to impress his new customer, and the challenge of combining all peripherals into one single solution, we turned Tom to a new pathway of possibilities.   He ultimately decided that the best configuration for Diesel fuel pump dispensers would come from TECALEMIT’s HDM eco family, plug and play systems.

Not only did Tom accomplish the project for his customer, but he also expanded his portfolio of offerings.

What’s the moral of the story?  Sometimes the things that we do not see do not mean that they do not exist.


Here is the final set up on the available diesel fuel pump dispensers.

Diesel fuel pump dispensers

TECALEMIT Diesel fuel pump dispenser with automated fuel management

What you see pictured above is our HDM eco line of Diesel fuel pump dispensers with integrated inventory management.  The challenge of having a ticket printer was integrated into the housing to the left of the unit and mounted in a weather proof box , housing the printer.  The system works in the following manner:

Driver: Enter pin number to activate the system (a key transponder can be used instead).

Pump: The system comes fully assembled with a pump inside, pump comes on after system recognizes driver.

Driver: Take nozzle and begin to dispense Diesel fuel. (gallons being displayed on LCD display)

Driver: Complete transaction and hang up nozzle.

System: Turns off the pump automatically and records transaction (driver ID, date, time, gallons used, vehicle ID)

Printer: Automatically prints receipt.

Fully automated and assembled, needing only an electrical line and a supply line.


Like Tom, we help many individuals everyday… what can we do for you?

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