Feliz Navidad

tamales-steamed Some of my most favorite memories from my childhood are associated with the Christmas season.  Coming from a      large, Mexican American family, we filled my grandmother’s modest home with food, laughter, and Loteria (Mexican  Bingo).  I fondly remember Christmas Eve and the tiny kitchen we were forbidden to step foot in unless we were  willing to become part of the assembly line of all my female family members making hundreds of tamales.  Each  woman had their favorite part to contribute and they always stood in the same spot around my grandmother’s  enormous metal pan of masa (dough).  After my grandmother was gone, and as time has passed, families have grown  and the traditions live on but have scattered across Texas.  Each home uses the same recipe, and yet each batch tastes different than the one before.  None of them taste quite the way I remember them as a kid, but they’re still delicious and a mandatory staple for us each year.

I realize that no household is like the next and that not everyone celebrates the Christmas holiday.  But I think the majority of us designate the end of the year to reflect and acknowledge the relationships we hold dear to our hearts.  With that being said, we at TECALEMIT would like to offer you and yours the warmest wishes however you choose to spend these, the last few days of 2014.  Here’s to making 2015 the best year yet!

Paula Guerra – Marketing Coordinator


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