Fleet fuel management support

Fleet fuel management support 24/7 for all users

As a lot of these fleet fuel management systems continue to gain popularity; support will always play a crucial role.  Here at TECALEMIT, we are constantly evolving the fleet fuel management support channels  simply because it is needed.  In light of the recent summer fuel management news and recent partnership with Western Global to facilitate a retrofit fuel management kit on all FuelCubes and TransCubes; the TECALEMIT support team has stepped up with more resources to back up all users.   We want you to get familiar with the “Training tab" inside our website, which has been recently updated and will continue to have more 24/7 support with videos and how to sections available to all.  Here you will find a step-by-step video guide on our HD Manager 8 desktop software as well as wiring hardware videos for those of you that are setting up new systems.  Coming soon, you will see a detailed tutorial on MyTECALEMIT Cloud platform so don’t forget bookmark this page in your browser.

Our hardware and software options are very unique and specialized.  The amount of flexibility and options have place it in the top searches, and we all felt it was critical to complement it with incredible fleet fuel management support.  That is our promise, and out brand behind the best Performance-Value fuel management systems. 

Questions: you can email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or you can chat with us online when you visit our website. 

.  That is our promise and out brand behind the best Performance-Value fuel management systems.