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In today’s world of automation, from our pocket computers and the way we arm our home alarms, to how we check our daily account balances, the processes have become fully automated with one goal in mind, and that is to make our lives easier and more productive.

More and more we are seeing the transition to this type of platform within our industry.  Take fuel management systems as an example, a topic that is trending more and more within or industry. The standard was set a long time ago dating back to the 1960’s when the first set of keybox fuel management systems were created to help control who was dispensing, how much was being dispensed, and the frequency.

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Leave the past behind……. Evolve. Automate. Wonderbox.

The old keybox was a simple box design that securely turned on a fuel pump to give access to a driver to fuel up without anyone being physically present.  How was the pump activated?  Back in the day, when you installed these type of fuel management systems, the drivers were given physical keys that upon a quarter of a turn, would simply close a circuit, allowing power to flow back to the pump giving the individual access to fuel.  In addition to the security level of having a key assigned to you only,  there was a small mechanical register that would record your fuel demand.  At the end of the day or week, the person in charge of the premises would need to walk up to the keybox and manually pull totals on each driver, write them down, and somehow transfer that information to a useful format for billing purposes.

This was the best available, a fuel management system that provided security and accountability.  The old keybox was a great success but new trends set in and slowly kicked the old keybox to the back of the line.  The success of it was credited to the simple design,  price point, and effectiveness.  However, the need for automation kept growing, efficiency was demanded even more, and accountability was now a core expectancy in the fuel business.


Through the years, other fuel management systems were introduced that included more bell and whistles, better design, and overall more electronics that demanded a higher price tag.  This left the small and medium size fleets forced to grow within the existing market choices, until now.

TECALEMIT is bringing the next step in fuel management systems geared towards automating your fuel tracking, breaking out of the box and moving forward.

The old key box hardware has been replaced with software controls that automate how you manage your drivers, your vehicles, and your fuel transactions. But we did not stop there.  Where past systems offered very limited flexibility, TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox has the capacity to manage 10,000 transactions and 4000 users and vehicles.  Coupled with TECALEMIT’s own HD Manager software 8 (read it here); the new offering for fuel management systems in this category is not only efficient, and simple to use, but affordable as well.

Want to learn more about how TECALEMIT is breaking out of the box with our new fuel management system?  Visit us here.

Or send us an email by clicking here and one of members of our team will get back with you.  Don’t forget to ask for a fuel sample report to see how TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox can automate your manual fuel management system.


Stay tuned for more articles on the new systems available, only from TECALEMIT.

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