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Got any used DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensers?

So, looking for a used DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispenser?

The fact is that, as an industry, we are now entering the second generation of DEF as it keeps maturing.  You see, at the beginning of this market entry back in 2009; the needs from customers revolved around 55 gallon drums and 2- 1/2 gallon bottles.  That was the ‘bulk’ of the demand early on. Similarly, the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment was in its infancy with small items such as hand piston pumps and other smaller dispensing components. Fast forward to the last quarter of 2013, and we find ourselves entering the bulk era.  From Brenntag’s major infrastructure expansion, to Navistar and Cummings reaching milestones orders, the market finds itself now shifting into 4th gear.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispenser TECALEMIT HDM EcoMini Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage systems, Electric DEF Tote pumps, DEF Bulk transfer systems, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensers now are coming up stronger. Fleets keep adding SCR equipped trucks into their rosters, growing their demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid from blenders and distributors. Equipment manufacturers are also stepping up to come up with better solutions for the increase in bulk demand.  Enter the new Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensers.

Similarly to what we saw during the first generation of Diesel Exhaust Fluid and its equipment needs… companies always look for a fast ROI when purchasing capital assets. The justification to purchase high end DEF equipment was not there early on, due to the high entry ticket price , hence the argument could not be made for most distributors.  This is the reason why the success of new competitive products that entered the market had such a great impact and continue riding that wave.  When we get asked about used Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensers often; we can’t help but to look back at the beginning of this industry for the reasons stated above.

So, this leads us back to the original question here. Got any used DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensers?  TECALEMIT has a good answer to that request.  The HDM Eco DEF, although not sold as used equipment, is an impressive alternative piece of equipment just now entering this industry.  Leading by sheer value, performance, and technology; this DEF dispenser is unique to our industry because of all that is has to offer, placing it as one of best values in today’s marketplace.

Geared towards private fleets and companies that need to track their bulk usage; the HDM eco boasts built-in inventory control management with a simple plug and play set up.  Why settle for a used DEF dispenser when you can now have a new HDM Eco DEF dispenser that pushes the bar even higher with its proven inventory control system, Hornet W85 pump inside, and externally mounted receipt printer capabilities.


Don’t settle for second… !


Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispenser TECALEMIT HDM Eco


Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispenser TECALEMIT HDM Eco

The HDM Eco is incredibly easy to set up, simply connect your supply line and power, decide the number of users, and your system is ready to go.   

Questions?  Give us a call to see how we can help you integrate this system with your needs.

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One last thing!!  This system is also available for your Diesel fuel needs. Get in touch for details.

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