Secure | Increased work efficiency | Real-time monitoring | Accessibility

TECALEMIT integrates both robust hardware and software systems to bring forth the HDM SKYDRIVE. We’re raising the bar to new heights and giving you the ability to access information and data anytime, anywhere, on any device. We’ve taken inventory management to a new level.

The HDM SKYDRIVE is compatible with TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox and HDM eco dispensers for DEF and diesel. This new software gives you the flexibility to track, monitor, gather data, and view reports on your fluid inventory from any device where you have an Internet connection.

Key Benefits:

With an Internet connection, you can access the HDM SKYDRIVE information any time, anywhere, on any device.

Secure & Reliable
Data encryption keeps your company fuel records secured and private.

Enhances Collaboration
Teams across multiple locations can access and share information effortlessly, giving them the opportunity to do more, together.

Higher Productivity
Access the information any time and anywhere, you don’t have to be on site to work.

Disaster Recovery
All records are securely backed-up to the HDM SKYDRIVE servers, making recovering data easy.


Key Features:
Can be retrofitted to your existing TECALEMIT equipment
Real-time monitoring
Comprehensive reports
Inventory tracking – COMING SOON!


Compatible Hardware Systems:
Wonderbox Single-Hose
HDM eco 80 Diesel

Available Downloads:
HDM SkyDrive Brochure

New User Setup Wizard
HDM SkyDrive Reports
HDM SkyDrive-2