DEF Transfer Pump - Hornet W85

TECALEMIT Hornet W85: Beyond a DEF Pump

Our Hornet W85 DEF pump is simple & to the point. Its focus… versatility. It’s the only diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pump in the market that can help graduate your customers into the current bulk movement with ease. Any pump can do the job on a drum/IBC Tote, but not every pump can push product from over 100 ft away, boast a 13 ft suction lift, & empty a 6500 GAL tank continuously, while being protected by a thermal overload sensor. Why are you restricted by time intervals? Free up time to focus on other important aspects of your business. Don’t just purchase a pump, invest in a long term solution.

What are customers saying about the Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump?

Here are 3 reasons why customers have decided to try the Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump:

1.  “I needed to start graduating my customers into bulk, and was already more than satisfied with the capabilities of the Hornet W85.  TECALEMIT’s DEF PRO-All In One mini bulk system has the Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump at the heart of the system, so it was an easy choice.”

2. “The fact that we can add large hose reels without the pump hesitating, is a big plus.”

3. “The dispenser set up with the Hornet W85 pump inside, makes it a reliable system.  With 6500 gallons available on location, we needed to manage the inventory.  We can can accomplish all of it with the HDM Eco dispenser for DEF.”


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