how to match the right pump with bulk tank

How to Match the Right Pump with your Mini Bulk Tank Package: The W85 Hornet DEF Pump

When considering Mini Bulk Tank Packages, you cannot abandon the W85 Hornet DEF Pump from the picture. This pump has been there from the very beginning, on drums, totes and now mini bulk applications. Don’t bother with who’s doing what in the industry… it’s more important to take a look at what you truly need to make your setup ideal. The Tecalemit team will help you examine what you need now, and what you need looking into the future, when your pool of customers grows. Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of pairing the W85 Hornet Pump with your mini bulk tank is that it can handle large truck lineups, and here’s why:

  1. Because of its truly continuous duty cycle motor – no down time means more DEF for your drivers.
  2. This pump is especially fitting in cities and municipalities, due to the fact that it has a UL certification behind it. Most cities and municipalities will frown upon not having this label.
  3. Most customers/end users are needing or are curious about switching to DEF bulk. As you can see in these images below, these are example setups we have done for new DEF bulk users.
  4. Knowing how to match the right pump with your mini bulk tank package. Remember most of the DEF world came from smaller packages such as 55, 275 and 330 gallon totes. Now we see a lot of movement on 500 and 1000 gallon tanks, but if you consider a larger 2100, 3000 or 6500 gallon tank, without limitations of timers, this pump can handle a vast array of options, from small to large. Where would you need such an application? Take a look around and notice the immense growth you see in fleets these days. Imagine you have a full line of vehicles, it’s end of day and your drivers need to refuel and refill on DEF. Let’s get them in and let’s get them back on the road.

The W85 Hornet DEF Pump can handle it and will flex its muscles for you. Give us a call to learn how you can stay competitive and grow your business.



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