DEF Transfer Dolly System - DEF PRO-5000

Hydrogen Peroxide Pump- A new way to handle and transfer H2O2

Adding another flavor to the mix was an easy transition.  Now with a personality boost…”green means go”, where will it take YOU?

Hi folks…our portable dolly systems normally dedicated to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Antifreeze/Coolant, and Lubricants, are now all grown up.  We took our original recipe and slightly modified it to meet a very unique need, a Hydrogen Peroxide pump system to handle and transfer Hydrogen Peroxide safely.    As you know, these systems are highly configurable and portable, something that has set us apart from the rest of the systems.  The PRO5000 transfer systems continue to be a dominating package within the chemical market, which now showcases the PRO5000 Hydrogen Peroxide series.

If you are just now looking into a safe system for Hydrogen Peroxide, the applications go beyond just cuts, scrapes, and cleaning in the home.  It has multiple uses for businesses including but not limited to being used as a bleaching agent in the Paper and Textile Industry, as a sterilizer in the food industry,  and helps in the elimination of odour from anaerobic decomposition of municipal and industrial effluents. Further, before Industrial sewage is released, it must be oxidized by adding Hydrogen Peroxide to the sulphur compound creating a non-toxic product (sulphate).  Also, organic matter isn’t always biodegradable and must be chemically treated with a hydrogen peroxide mixture in order to be considered less dangerous to the environment.  As you can see, there are many applications beyond what you and I have been exposed to.

Hydrogen Peroxide PumpRecently, a need for a hydrogen peroxide transfer system for an oilfield project surfaced.  Yes, we did say oil field. Most of us have never heard of an Hydrogen Peroxide application for the exploration of oil.  But it has been studied since 2000, for its benefit to generate super heated steam.  We won’t get too technical on how this is done but you can read it on this older entry, click here.

Getting back to the Hydrogen Peroxide pump set up, most systems are created with the mindset of being static applications, making them difficult to move around.  The PRO5000 takes mobility to a higher level, opening up possibilities for more applications.  Customers now have the capability to pull product and dispense with greater fluidity and minimal effort using our robust designed, explosion proof equipment.

The pump in this model, as well as our Coolant Dolly version, uses a self-priming pump versus a typical straight centrifugal unit.  This was no accident, but rather a decision in order to control flow and making sure that the pump remained primed where handling of the product was restricted.  Hydrogen Peroxide is a controlled chemical and therefore a Hydrogen Peroxide Transfer Pump that was explosion proof and self priming was important in the set up. The rest is left up to imagineers to complete the explosion proof system, connection fittings, and hoses.

If you are looking for a Hydrogen Peroxide pump package that can safely handle and transfer H2O2, give us a call at 281-446-7300. We’d love to chat with you and come up with something similar or get back to our drawing board to engineer something specifically for you.   Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or drop us a line on contact us form by clicking here.  

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    Can you provide technical specifications for the hydrogen peroxide pump?

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      Hi Krysta-
      Thank you for your interest… we will email you the specifications requested.

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