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Is a Cloud Based Fuel Management System Right for your Fleet?

In recent years, automated fuel management has seen an evolution. Fact: the majority of inventory management systems today are one sided, geared only towards the cloud. We recognize there is a niche group making the shift to a cloud based fuel management system, yet most companies in the industry are only offering this one option. Unlike our competitors, inventory management through the cloud, is not the only solution we offer.

Every business is unique. Our automated fuel management packages are flexible and customizable, because the cloud isn’t right for everyone. We have stayed true to roots while also embracing the future. Mytecalemit cloud based software is cutting edge, but our desktop software can certainly flex its muscles for your business. We work closely with you and ask all the right questions, to set you up with the perfect package. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. To expand on this topic, here are some examples of when desktop software is ideal for your fleet:

User Case 1: Your customer does not merit the monthly expense.

Fuel management system right for you: HD Manager 8 Desktop eco (Basic) Version Software

User Case 2: Your customer already has the hardware and servers to handle their needs.

Fuel management system right for you: HD Manager 8 Desktop Server Version Software

User Case 3: Your driver does not want to use their personal cellular data.

Fuel management system right for you: HD Manager 8 Desktop Full (Pro) Version Software

Mytecalemit is truly the best value on the market. When you examine the features, you can see why:

  1. We can get you connected to the cloud without having to use your personal data.
  2. We can create value packages through your existing WIFI and LAN networks.
  3. We can introduce liquid levels to the same platform without any additional costs.

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For more information about Mytecalemit, visit our website or give us a call!

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