Lube Oil Gravity Feed Tanks – Space Saving Solutions

Let’s shed some light on the most versatile and space saving solutions for lube oil tanks. What are your location needs or budget constraints? We deeply consider all of these aspects when creating your lube oil gravity feed tanks. These stackable and highly customizable tank configurations are proficient in fitting into tight spaces. Plus, you’ll find value in having the ability to hold a variety oil products.

Ranging from single tank configurations to a multi-tier levels, they come ready with all necessary accessories to set up your customers with different bulk oils. Our valve options also promise increased flexibility, depending on your needs, from Poly valves to UL rated spring release valves – we have you covered. Each project presents itself like a unique puzzle and our team is versed in solving it.

In addition to the stackable design, these flexible tank configurations can also handle hose reels and pumps. Our PK3HD 3:1 and PK5HD 5:1 lube oil pumps can be fitted onto these packages. Paired up with a self-returning hose reel and dispensing nozzles, you’re buying ultimate mobility.

Some of the popular configurations include the 120/120 or 80/80/80 gallon stacked as gravity feed systems. We also offer one large single tank option, weighing in at 310 gallons. The 24” stand and drip tray button up the package nicely to give your new system a professional, yet durable appearance. Aesthetics aside, we can set you up with a package that is economical and tailored just for you.

If you are looking for a specific configuration, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a list of available options, no two lube oil gravity feed systems are alike. Since your needs are unique, don’t forget to measure your space so that we can best determine your ideal package. Let’s start the conversation and get you flowing.



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