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M1 Dual Sided DEF and Diesel Dispenser Units: Power Requirements and Set Up

While the HDM eco 80 and HDM eco DEF stand in their own spotlight, the M1 brings the very best of both systems into one package. The M1 Dual Sided DEF and Diesel Dispenser, was designed with the same concept in mind: the units can be set up very simply, right out-the-box, just like its single dispenser cousins. The same philosophy continues, with all hanging hardware being pre-connected and all electrical wiring being pre-wired and manifolded in order to make setup a breeze. When it comes to power requirements, they are simple, yet important to maintain for the long term health of your system.


What type of power do I need?

You must run a dedicated 110v circuit from your existing electrical panel. Nothing else should be running from this isolated circuit, and there is a very good reason for this. If that circuit is shared with a pump, for example, that (new or old) pump will need all available amp power to start up. Once it settles down into its operating amp range, the excess amps will more than likely travel the path of least resistance and back into the board. This is not a good practice, as some older pumps can dump more amps than the safe and adequate capacity that this board can handle. This same circuit is also your standard 20 amp breaker, making this a very uncomplicated configuration.


Where does the power go into?

Your electrician will take that new circuit into the Superbox motherboard (see electrical connection in your owner’s manual or refer back to your notes from your certification class). Now, this is where a lot of value surfaces: these dispensers start up simply and easily the moment it lands in your yard, saving you operational costs and labor. That single conduit coming into the main board is more than adequate to power up the entire system. There is absolutely no need to slice that connection to power the two different pumps. We are all about keeping it simple.


Troubleshooting note: Please make sure that you understand the slots that are dedicated to taking in 110v power. Do not make the mistake of taking the “power-in” into a different part of the board, thus compromising the hardware and ultimately shorting it out.


As you can see, set up is simple, but we are here to help you at any step along the way. Our customer service is unparalleled, so please feel free to reach out and ask questions online, through our live chat or by tapping into our support team to clear any doubts. As always, thank you for visiting our blog! Check back for more troubleshooting tips and pro advice for you and your fleet.

For more history and information regarding the M1 Dual Dispenser, check out our recent blog post – The Birth of the M1: A Dual Sided Dispenser with Built-in Fleet Fuel Management

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