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Meet the Hornet W85 DEF Pump and the Person Behind the Pump

A history of the DEF pump that started it all and how TECALEMIT’s vice president, Julio Colón discovered something truly powerful

All month long we have been focusing on the Hornet W85 DEF Pump, but we cannot close on this topic without talking about the person behind the pump. TECALEMIT Vice President, Julio Colón, has been there since the beginning. In 2013, LSI and TECALEMIT came together and embarked on a journey that grew into something they would have never imagined. Julio and the Hornet W85 have a powerful story…

Seven years ago, this pump came across the pond from Germany and landed on US shores – in Houston, Texas to be exact. One of the original Sales Managers from Germany brought the pump over and put it in Julio’s hands. The German team promised a continuous duty cycle pump that has the ability to protect itself from damage or breakdown. Julio was skeptical.

He hatched a plan to put it to the test. Julio decided he would leave the pump running over the weekend and if was still running when he returned on Monday, he was in. At the end of the day on Friday, Julio set the pump to the on position and left. On Monday morning he discovered the pump performed perfectly. It did what they promised: truly continuous, self-priming, with built-in thermal overload protection. This German DEF pump ran for 3 days straight with no problems. He was convinced he found a revolutionary product. The rest, as they say, is history. Tecalemit USA was born.

The Hornet W85 DEF Pump would become one of our flagship products. The concept, design and development started in Germany, in 2008. The Flensburg team was beefing up their staff with top engineers and designers. After two years of planning, developing and testing, they presented the W85 Hornet as a completely new hybrid pump, far more rugged than its predecessors. The integrated dry-running detection is truly an example of a successful interplay between mechanical and electronic development.

Originally, the W85H was designed to be a diesel pump. After perfecting the diesel only version, the Flensburg team developed a stainless steel version for AdBlue. This version, that we know today, is still made in Germany, but is particularly successful in the American market.

The best way to predict your future is to create it. We invite you to put this pump to the test and see for yourself. Test our pump for 30 days and if it doesn’t blow your current pump out of the water, send it back. Give us a call today!

For a closer look at the Hornet W85 click here.



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