Performance Accessories that Matter

Performance Accessories That Matter: 5 Accessories That Enhance Your Workflow

In a time when workflow demands are high, it’s easy to forget the small details that enhance our day-to-day operations. For a moment, we would like to bring your attention to the details that we easily miss, yet make a big impact throughout our day. Having the right performance accessories in this industry determines the results you achieve, your profits gained, and overall business success. Below are 5 performance accessories TECALEMIT offers that will undoubtedly enhance your workflow and enable you to achieve the results you seek.

1) Fuel Nozzles

One of the most essential components of a fuel system is the fueling nozzle itself. Having the right nozzle is critical for fuel dispensing and can benefit the overall performance of your system. Whether you are working with diesel, or a specialized product such as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), TECALEMIT offers a variety of different nozzles that cater to our customer’s precise fuel dispensing needs. Customers have the option to choose between a full stainless steel body or a hybrid DEF nozzle, depending on the finish they desire. These nozzles are both automatic and designed with a 3/4″ stainless steel diameter opening, along with a swivel adapter to aid with the constant movement on the field. Our diesel nozzle is designed with a wider 1″ diameter opening ready to deliver high speed for maximum flow. Manual nozzles are also available to customers for specific applications which call for a manual set-up.

Auto DEF Nozzle

2) Dry Break Valves

To help eliminate any fluid loss that may come from breaks and leaks with closed transfer systems, dry break valves are a great solution. TECALEMIT offers a 2″ Parker Hannifin male dry break valve connection, as well as a 2″ female dry break coupler to provide our customers at their convenience. These dry break valves make disconnecting and reconnecting a simple process and help meet work safety requirements out on the field.

male dry break valve

3) Filters & Filter Housings

At times, customers choose to provide an extra safeguard for their diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and opt with adding a filter along with the filter housing on their pumping system. Whether the reason is to protect the DEF in a tote or to simply have peace of mind over the purity of the product, it’s crucial that DEF is guarded from any outdoor particles and debris to prevent contamination. Filters also help remove any crystallized urea that may develop and preserve the overall DEF purity. TECALEMIT offers a stainless steel and a polyethylene option for the filter housing. The filter size for the poly housing option is limited to 10″, while the stainless steel housing can hold up to a 40″ filter. These larger filter housings come in handy when customers are managing large bulk transfer applications.

Poly Filter housing

4) Hoses

Anytime customers have the need to transfer or dispense fuel and lubricants, the hose in which the fuel and lubes travel through must be considered. Whether used for suction or dispense, hoses are a reliable solution. Here at TECALEMIT we offer a variety of different hoses, catering to our customer’s specific needs. Our hoses vary from 3/4” up to 3” in diameter to achieve a greater GPM. Whatever the GPM and application, hoses are vital for transferring product smoothly.

2" Hose

5) Hose Reels

For larger applications that require a longer dispense hose, you can’t go without having a hose reel. Here at TECALEMIT we offer hose reels that range anywhere from 25ft up to 100ft! And let us not forget, these hose reels can be applied in numerous applications such as custom skids, truck belly boxes, and All-In-One bulk tanks.

25ft hose reel

Overall, these performance accessories play a significant role in day-to-day operations and help deliver quality results. Whatever project you have in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information on how these accessories can benefit your system. Contact us by email at sales@tecalemitusa.com or by phone at (281) 446-7300. Don’t forget, you can Trust the T!

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