TECALEMIT develops, manufactures, and assembles customized units in-house for complete system solutions. We proudly stand behind our German roots for producing top-notch equipment. We strive to provide customers with painless and cost-effective solutions to everyday issues. We use our years of industry experience to predict possible issues you may face, to prevent them from the start. We use state of the art technology and intelligent design techniques for a wide range of solutions. Our goal is to always make the customer more efficient. TECALEMIT creates quality products that are driven by our customers’ needs before our own. With strong self-awareness and intellectual honesty, we produce the best work possible.

Flow Meters


Inventory Management

Level Controls

Bulk Transfer

DEF Mini Bulk

Truck Boxes


Oil and Lube Shop Equipment

For us, the most important priority is you. We are in business to serve you with unique product solutions for you and your customers. But don’t just take our word, read what our fans are saying.