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TECALEMIT’s DEF wet hosing mobile transfer pump units are the perfect solution for mobile fueling and on-site refueling, where a delivery truck directly refills company vehicles and equipment on location.

Our wet hosing portable packages are space efficient, work off DC power, have hose reels, and carry a small DEF tank all within a specific footprint. With a variety of available features and upgrade options, our DEF wet hosing mobile transfer pump units are a perfect example of how far we’re willing to go to bring to life an idea or customer concept in order to help them gain new business, or open up new opportunities.

Available features:

12V DEF pump
12V relay timer shut off
DEF FMT 3 digital flow meter
Poly welded frame to mount components
Stainless steel automatic nozzle with holder
25 ft. DEF hose reel, dispense
30 gallon tank – 19″ x 23″ x 25″ (W x H x L)
50 gallon tank – 19″ x 23″ x 38″ (W x H x L)
Other sizes are available

Download spec sheet:
DEF Wet Hosing Systems – Mobile Transfer Pump Units