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Description: USTRUCK-BOX (Custom Package)

TECALEMIT offers space efficiency at the highest level with custom built truck belly boxes. If you’re familiar with fluid distribution transport trailers, you understand the necessity of having efficient storage underneath the truck frame. The truck belly box creates the perfect home for crucial pieces of equipment to reside during the jarring ride to and from deliveries. Never worry if equipment is rolling around inside – each component is kept securely in place and is easily accessible when ready to use. Each system is assembled locally by skilled personnel.

From inception to completion, quality and precision are at the forefront throughout the entire process. Our special projects and services are available nationwide, along with our project design teams, ready to help you get there, wherever “there” may be.

Available features:
Stainless steel pumps – hydraulic, gas driven, electric, PTO
25 ft. to 100 ft. dispensing hose reels
Closed loop Micro Matic components for DEF applications
Product integrity connections.
Stainless steel camlocks available
3-way reel bypass
Flow rates from 50-250 gpm
Lockable heavy duty aluminum cabinets
Weights & measures packages | U.S./Canada applications
Electronic and mechanical registers available
Ticket printer
Dry break connections available
High flow filtration systems up to 1 micron Absolut
Preset capability with electronic controls
Available for a multi-product broad range of fluids

Compatible fluids:
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Download spec sheet:
Truck Belly Boxes