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Rolling into Bulk: The Truth about Switching to DEF Bulk Tanks

Call us romantics, but lately we have been reminiscing on the past… This week, we want to expand on growth and the truth about switching to DEF bulk tanks. Being conscientious of our past, enables us to have a better understanding of where we’re going. Our industry is still fairly young and we have seen rapid growth in the last 8 or 9 years, yet bulk has left a lot of people behind. This is due to the lack of education and lack of understanding, but rest assured, it doesn’t have to break the bank to switch to bulk.

We wish to shed some light on the truth and reveal the facts here. In the crowed and somewhat unclear landscape of DEF, being able to purchase a full load of DEF (5,200 gallons) is extremely critical today to stay competitive. Aside from lowering your purchasing cost, you should now be working towards establishing a mini bulk network. Buying in bulk is simply more economic. Let’s talk first steps. You made the investment in yourself and your company, and now you have 5,200 gallons of DEF, in a brand new tank. We will cover the anatomy of your tank, but now you are empowered with more time and flexibility. By switching to bulk you will be filling your customers tanks and meeting their needs on a monthly basic, in leu of showing up each and every week.

The anatomy of a 6,500 gallon tank consists of a 10 feet in diameter x 12 feet tall set up. If you concentrate on the Southern states, at the minimum, you will need two, 2 inch fill valves at the bottom of your tank to fill and dispense. As temperatures are warmer in the South, don’t forget that your tank will need a vent. For our Northern friends, your tank will need to be outfitted with insulation and heated cabinets. As a friendly reminder, we are here every step of the way to educate you on tank maintenance, so you and your tank are well taken care of.

After you decide to make the switch, you can begin considering portable transfer systems to get you where you need to go. For instance, if you’re just getting started in bulk, you could use a portable dolly that connects to your 6,500 gallon tank to fill your delivery totes and/or tanks. That same dolly/portable pump can also travel with you to make deliveries. We’ll table this topic for now, but feel free to give a call to find out more on how to grow your brand with bulk. We hope you walk away from this education piece with the knowledge and assertiveness, that going into bulk is easier than you think.

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