DEF Transfer Skid System - DEF PRO-6000

‘Special Projects’ Is Our Middle Name

Texas is a major hub for the fuel industry.  We are leaders in energy, oil, and we have produced some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.  From Houston, Texas TECALEMIT proudly innovates, designs, and creates equipment to provide to the Americas.  From New York to California and from the most Northern tip of Canada, all the way down to Argentina… we listen, research, and build based on need because we know that no two jobbers, or end-users are exactly the same.  Each product has different properties, characteristics, viscosities, and applications.  But no matter the fluid, we know every drop counts.

TECALEMIT is well known for our efficient tank and cabinet combos, our continuous duty pumps, and our inventory control units, but you may not realize that we also have the ability to tackle projects for a multitude of platforms.  Our expertise has allowed us to take on projects such as building transfer systems for truck filling at the Pepsi Co/Frito Lay plant, setting up tanks on a small fueling island with a limited footprint for Blue Bell, and designing and building underground piping leading to 3 of our DEF eco dispensers for a major fuel provider.  TECALEMIT has brilliant engineers that have yet to find a job too tough to handle.

As another example, in August 2013, one of our customers was leaving their small, out-of-date location to move into a state-of-the-art facility that was better equipped to handle their growth in custom blending.  They were also gaining access to diesel exhaust fluid through rail cars in the rear of their site.  The issue however, was being able to transfer the cargo into the warehouse to fill the tanks.   And that’s where we came in.  Our President and our lead engineer put their heads together to begin developing a solution for the Nationally known fuel & lube distributor.  They traveled to Chicago, checked out the available footprint, the building’s structural limitations, and got a clear idea of what was needed.  The attached images show the final product which consisted of a single 3” pump capable of offloading the rail cars and transferring the fluid into the tanks being housed indoors at the branch.  The elaborate piping was uniquely designed by us and a customized hi-flow skid was built to pump the product from the tanks into drums, totes, and transports.

So whether you have a tremendous job in front of you, or need a lot of power in a small, confined space, TECALEMIT can envision, build, and implement a solution for your fluid needs.  We put our customers first and never try to offer you more than what you’ll need.  We’ll provide you with a tough, well-designed, and economical piece that you will proudly showcase in your facility.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Visit our new TESTIMONIALS page and see what our loyal customers have to say about us: http://tecalemit-usa.com/testimonials-2/


bulk_plant_hi flow transfer skid system DEF (diesel exhaust fluid)


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