Stop the clocks…!

Nautica watchAt one point or another we all want to stop time, or at the very least, have the super powers to extend time.  I am talking about what happens day in and day out.  The hustle and bustle of a busy day, the constant interruptions, the constant on going “priorities” that keep finding themselves onto our never ending list.

Sound familiar? At the end of the day, we do not fight projects, we do not fight lists.  We fight a physical mechanical time piece that continuously tells us how inefficient we can be.  We fight the clock!

My colleague and I have gotten on this topic several times, and his perspective on time is extremely interesting. I have walked away from our conversations having learned something new that I can apply towards my everyday uphill time battles.

Lesson 1-

Most of us know how to manage our own finances. Well, time can be very similar to money. How?  If you want to know how to handle it, you have to tell it what to do by writing down an outline of how you plan on spending it.

I realize that this may be a foreign concept, but once understood and implemented, you’ll be pushing off more items off your desk than a CAT 5 storm.   The idea of having the control of how you are going to spend the next 8 hours is not only empowering, but also less stressful. Why? Because for once, it will keep you focused.  Second, it will give you a road map of how to get there and everything that you need to make sure that you do not get lost.  Third, it will give you the “privilege” to stay ahead of the time keeper by planning and improvising.

Lesson 2-

Grab a simple spreadsheet and begin planning your ideal week. What would you like to focus on for Mondays?  What are the items that need attention before you close the end of the week on Fridays?

In addition to being able to “schedule” certain events on a weekly basis, you will also be able to place priorities on each one of those items.  My favorite benefit is having the ability to see my whole schedule in front of me, allowing the flexibility to shuffle things around as more “priorities” come into play and also schedule items with new priority levels.  When was the last time you were asked …. when is this “project 1” going to launch?  With these new tools, now you just need to take a look at your new priorities on paper and given the new target dates, you will now be able to accurately forecast project release dates.

The most impacting lesson that I have taken from these conversations is having the power to control time slots.  Blocking off is simply a way dictate how certain hours of the day are being spent, such as sales activities, meetings, phone calls, etc.

At the end of the day, we all want to make sure that our Mint.com account stays on budget.  Why not manage our work time keeper the same way we manage our finances. Do not fall into a time deficit.  Instead, why not begin implementing a couple of new items on your schedule to help you manage the daily “swirl winds”, as my colleague would say.

After all… time is money.  Is it not?

How are you taking control of your daily hustle and bustle?

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