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Dual Sided Diesel Dispenser - M1 Pro System

M1 Pro System – Dual Sided Diesel Dispenser



Our line of HDM eco dispensers have always been an influential piece of our product portfolio with their built-in fuel management systems. However, growth opportunities led to the demand for multi-hose fuel management systems. We knew we had part of the solution already in our threshold, the Superbox master of fluid management systems. However, in order for this solution to come full circle, we designed a dual sided diesel dispenser with fuel management built in, called the M1 Pro System.

The M1 is a unique system. Not only does the M1 allow users to track and monitor different fluids, but also gives them the capability to dispense two fluids from the same unit. Furthermore, we knew jobbers would be excited to offer customers a pedestal unit with dual dispense points, the capability to dispense two mediums at once, and the resources to track and monitor every transaction.  In conclusion, the M1 dual sided diesel dispenser exemplifies the quality and price point jobbers have come to expect from TECALEMIT.

The M1 dual sided diesel dispenser seamlessly complements our HDM eco dispensers, and serves as another option for commercial applications. The entire system is assembled in-house and arrives to you as a complete package.

Technical Specs:

-Product: [Diesel + DEF], [Diesel + Diesel]

-Pump: Hornet W85 pumps [Diesel & DEF]

-Voltage: 110V 60Hz

-Flow rate: 22 gpm [Diesel], 10 gpm [DEF]

-Management system: 10,000 transactions | 4,000 drivers and vehicles | Pin and key fob access

-Data transfer: USB, LAN, WLAN


In conclusion, if you’d like more information and technical specifications, check out the M1 product page. Or, feel free to contact us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or calling us at 281-446-7300.

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Insulated Cabinet DEF Dispenser



Keep warm with the HDM eco insulated cabinet DEF dispenser

Over the next few months, the temperatures will drop and we’ll all give our best efforts to keep warm. The same should go for your DEF equipment. TECALEMIT is here to offer customized solutions to face challenges brought upon by wintry weather.

One solution in our portfolio is the HDM eco for DEF. Although this system typically comes as a stand-alone unit, we’ve designed a winter-friendly version of it. We offer the HDM eco inside of an insulated cabinet. This insulated cabinet DEF dispenser is designed to protect against cold temperatures. This includes protecting hoses, nozzles, and other components from freezing.

Signature Features

The HDM eco insulated cabinet DEF dispenser is a complete dispensing package. Furthermore, Set up is made easy by simply connecting your supply and power line, and deciding the number of users and vehicles. Inside the dispenser, you’ll find TECALEMIT’s Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump, which is 100% continuous duty cycle. In addition, it comes with an oval gear meter with pulse, a discharge hose, and automatic nozzle. Especially noteworthy, the HDM eco insulated cabinet DEF dispenser has a built in inventory management system that can track up to 10,000 transactions. Aside from transactions, you can also track by driver ID and vehicle ID. You have the option of transferring data via Local Area Network (LAN), Wi-Fi, or USB, and exporting to either MS Excel and/or Word. There are also system upgrades available, including an externally mounted receipt printer for our USB units.

In conclusion, the HDM eco insulated cabinet DEF dispenser is truly plug and play and can surely withstand the inclement winter weather. Stay ahead of the cold and begin preparing for winter now. Contact us for more information by calling us at 281-446-7300, or sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com.

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Remote Dispenser for DEF

TECALEMIT’s Custom Remote Dispenser for DEF


Small, but mighty. 36″ remote dispenser for DEF from TECALEMIT.

TECALEMIT special teams are ready to serve you with specialty applications for all your lubricants, chemicals, fuels, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) challenges. Check out the above 36” custom remote dispenser for DEF that TECALEMIT recently completed. While this cabinet may seem small from the outside, but don’t underestimate the contents on the inside.

This specific remote dispenser for DEF was designed to safely dispense the fluid, even in the coldest of climates. We built the cabinet with a heater and insulated the inside to ensure quality control. We also added in TECALEMIT’s Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump, which is 100% continuous duty cycle. The cabinet also offers a 25 ft. hose reel, flow meter, automatic nozzle, and an on/off nozzle activation switch. This unique nozzle activation holder eliminates manually turning the pump on and off.

In conclusion, TECALEMIT develops, manufactures, and assembles customized units in-house for complete system solutions. The 36” remote dispenser for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a special project that we designed to meet, and exceed, the needs of a particular customer. Let us know if you have something you’d like custom built. We’ll see what we can do!

To view our full line of DEF Products, click here.

Contact us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at 281-446-7300.

M1 Dispenser for Diesel and/or DEF




To put an end cap on Diesel Week, we thought it would be best to highlight a product that TECALEMIT considers a game-changer. It’s innovative, yet simple. It’s the M1 Dispenser. The TECALEMIT line of professional dispensers have many innovative features and follow the same industrial philosophy for being an out of the box complete package.

What sets the M1 apart from the others is its 2-hose option. That’s correct. With the M1, you are capable of dispensing multiple fluids [Diesel + DEF] [Diesel + Diesel]. It also comes with TECALEMIT’s line of Hornet W85 pumps [Diesel & DEF], which allow flow rates of 22 gpm [Diesel] and 10 gpm at the nozzle [DEF].

There’s even more to the M1 Dispenser than that, though! Similar to the HDM eco 80 Diesel Dispenser we highlighted on Monday, the M1 has a built-in automated inventory management system. The master of fluid management systems for multiple fueling points, the Superbox, comes included. It can track up to 10,000 transactions, and 4,000 drivers and vehicles [pin and key fob access]. Easily transport data through USB, LAN, or WLAN. For more technical specifications on the M1 Dispenser, visit our products page.

To receive more information on our diesel products, contact us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or calling us at 281-446-7300. We’re happy to help!

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