Engineering taken to the next level with TECALEMIT’s FMT 3 DEF flow meter

TECALEMIT continues to pave the path for the industry when it comes to engineering new equipment that is user-friendly, versatile, and high quality. The FMT 3 DEF flow meter is the newest addition to TECALEMIT’s line of heavy duty electronic flow meters and it’s sure to impress!

The FMT 3 DEF flow meter easily grabs attention with its robust versatility for use with a wide range of liquids including fuel oil/diesel, DEF/AdBlue, water, and antifreeze. Along with a variety of fluid compatibilities, the FMT 3 DEF flow meter offers features never before seen including a symmetric measurement chamber that allows the device to be used with all flow directions. It also offers a two-line LED display that, once installed, is fully rotatable and can be moved about freely  to fit any viewing angle. To get more information, you’ll have to wait, but we promise you it’ll be worth it!

It’s innovative. It’s versatile. It’s unique. It’s from TECALEMIT…and it’s coming soon!