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Introducing Mytecalemit Cloud: The Latest in Fuel Inventory Management


We are thrilled to announce the latest rendition in fuel management, affectionately named Mytecalemit. The foundation and basic ingredients are all about you, because the control and options belong to you. We heard you loud and clear and Tecalemit has crafted an inventory management package that is all about value, traditions and recognizing solutions.

Fuel Management System

Fuel Management : Past, Present, & Future


With all the noise in our daily lives, it’s easy to forget the past. In fact, life is so fast-paced that we forget what happened yesterday and we forget what we learned. Let’s change that. Our team is making a conscious effort to remember that each experience adds value to our existence and each moment is an opportunity to develop what we do. Little by little, day to day, our efforts are shaping our future. You may have noticed that our endeavors are getting some attention, which is both humbling and exciting. With each day, we are closer to fulfilling our mission here at TECALEMIT.


Automated Inventory Management System - Wonderbox

Automated Fuel Inventory Management System – A 12v Approach…


Automated Fuel Inventory Management System, we are going to be taking a look at setting up your system via a 12v configuration. Imagine you’re on a construction or industrial jobsite. Your equipment is running low and driving back and forth to the nearest fueling station is impractical.

Automated Inventory Management System - Wonderbox

Automated Inventory Management System – Wonderbox


Prevent inventory losses with TECALEMIT’s automated inventory management system, the Wonderbox

We have something very special to share with you; something that we are extremely proud of and that has already exceeded expectations. What we wanted to do is set out to produce the next level in Automated Inventory Management and Fuel Inventory Control.  A simple device capable of tracking 4,000 users and storing up to 10,000 transactions. There is certainly something wonderful about this new device from TECALEMIT; and we call it the Wonderbox. Here at TECALEMIT, we believe in manufacturing products that are great to hold in your hands, great to look at, perform exceptionally well, simple to understand, and operate.

TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox automated inventory management system is that product. It combines exceptional manufacturing, long term reliability, ruggedness, and simplicity.  Falling in line with our main pillars:

Performance – Manufacturing complete system solutions that perform exceptionally well, robust, with a long rich heritage.

Innovation – Extensive product range based on over 100 years of experience and core values.

You will discover that:

  • Software that is simple & part of the system.  Tutorials are available 24-7 so that you can learn at your on pace, whenever and wherever it may be convenient for you.
  • Simple to install and wire up.  Installation guides are available from our Resources tab under CARE CENTER | Installation help.   Download the guide for an easy and simply hardware installation here.
  • Our internal tech teams are available to help you with any issues; when you need us.
  • We pride ourselves in keeping enough inventory to meet today’s market needs so that you don’t miss a beat.

Are you ready to finally take control of your inventory? 

TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox serves perfectly as your automated inventory management system. It fits perfectly into private and commercial fleets, municipalities, unmanned remote locations, and much more. Great benefits include having a capacity to track 4,0000 users and vehicles, and store up to 10,000 transactions.  TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox can also handle more than just fuel. In fact, it can handle any fluid with the proper pulse meter.  As a result, we have seen these units track and manage: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Diesel Fuel / Gasoline, Windshield washer fluid, Water, Heating Oil, Antifreeze/coolant, Heating Oil, and Oil. The simple functions of these units allow it to export data to Excel / Word.  These are items that you already have at your disposal so there is no need for complicated software systems.

One more thing:
You will have printer receipt capabilities and tank level ability so that you can access your information from a single location.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  Visit our Contact us page or call us at 281-446-7300. We look forward to answering any questions.