DEF, Diesel Dual Hose Dispenser - M1 Dispenser

TECALEMIT M1- Cardlock Commercial Fleet Fuel Management


When the first images of the M1 were released almost exactly two years ago (May 2014), it was very well received. Our eco dispensers have always been a staple for the Fuel Inventory Management realm, but we knew that eventually we’d have to grow from single to multi hose fuel management systems, and that there was no reason why our multi hose fuel management system (SuperBox) shouldn’t command its own dispenser configuration. When it comes to cardlock commercial fleet fuel management , we knew Jobbers would be excited to be able to offer a pedestal unit with dual dispense points and with the capability of accessing two different mediums at once, it was the quality and price point that they’ve come to expect from TECALEMIT.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensers – adding bulk DEF to cardlocks


We are going to continue to build this guide to help you determine some of the most important parameters when it comes to adding a new Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispenser.

First, let’s survey the property. We are looking for overall feel of the location, number of service lanes, existing dispensers, existing card-lock, and an understanding of where the future equipment could go.

As you walk the property, ask for existing volume of DEF if they expanding, or expected/projected volume of DEF if it is a brand new set up.

Some customers choose to have a tank right on the island, while others choose to have the tank remotely located. These are questions that need to be clarified while on location.

Let’s focus on the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensers:

TECALEMIT, Inc. – Experience The New Engineering Excellence


For two weeks in May, TECALEMIT, Inc. was privileged enough to host an engineer from our corporate office in Germany.  Finn-Birger Petersen traveled from his Flensburg office to Houston, Texas to meet with American engineers and technicians. We exchanged ideas, procedures, and information on existing and upcoming products to be added to the US market.

Fuel inventory management system- Hurricane season.


Hello friends, we are well into June and quickly tapping into July, most people are already in full summer swing planning vacations and just thinking of having fun in the sun.

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