TECALEMIT - A Perfect Blend

TECALEMIT – A Perfect Blend

The name TECALEMIT brings many paths together. When Tecalemit was first formed in 1922, the idea was to remind users that they were getting a multi-faceted manufacturer that changed lubricators in their cars, but also lubrication for machinery in industrial factories.

One of the founders, Emile Piquerez, who invented a pressurized lubricant method for cars with a coupling lock,  approached Joseph Christe, who was in business with a different American-owned business and formed TECALEMIT as we know it today. We’ve certainly come a long way from the early ventures and techniques of using a fitting, hose, and applicator to apply lubricant to the machines, instead of by hand using a cup to refill them several times a day. TECALEMIT is always improving, always changing, and always looking for a way to grow and service our customers better. As we approach our centennial anniversary, we look forward to the amazing and revolutionary technology tailored to our customers’ needs. TECALEMIT is a perfect blend of tried-and-true techniques integrated with ever-advancing science and innovation!