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For two weeks in May, TECALEMIT, Inc. was privileged enough to host an engineer from our corporate office in Germany.  Finn-Birger Petersen traveled from his Flensburg office to Houston, Texas to meet with American engineers and technicians. We exchanged ideas, procedures, and information on existing and upcoming products to be added to the US market.

Bringing TECALEMIT’s German Roots to North America

As a global company, TECALEMIT, Inc. understands the importance of targeting our focus on customer experience and specific equipment requirements based on region.  The need, demand, and culture play a major role in what solutions should be offered to benefit our partners.  The commonality being, however, that in order to build the most durable, cost efficient, and best product line on the market, we must first understand the pains from the field, and the vision of where the future of the industry is going.

Petersen, alongside Houston’s President, Tony Llopiz, Vice President Julio Colon, and Lead Technician, Albert Fell, discussed and resolved existing technical road blocks all while developing future strategies for new procedures, as well as expanding technical support for new product launches.  Petersen was able to sit in on sales meetings and even visited major customers. This allowed a hand’s on experience of some of the projects the US office has deployed.

TECALEMIT Germany brings dependability and almost 100 years of experience to the table.  When combined with the fresh ideas and innovation from the Americas, there are so many exciting things on deck for TECALEMIT, Inc.

Stay tuned for the latest and greatest in Fuel, Lubrication, Chemical, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment.

The best is yet to come….

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