DEF, Diesel Dual Hose Dispenser - M1 Dispenser

TECALEMIT M1- Cardlock Commercial Fleet Fuel Management

Cardlock Commercial Fleet Fuel Management Taken to Next Level with M1 Dispenser from TECALEMIT

TECALEMIT M1- cardlock commercial fleet fuel managementThe M1 with cardlock commercial fleet fuel management systems were well received at the time of their release, two years ago.  Our eco dispensers have always been a staple for the Fuel Inventory Management realm. However, we knew that eventually we’d have to grow from single to multi-hose fuel management systems. We knew that there was no reason why our multi-hose fuel management system (SuperBox) shouldn’t command its own dispenser configuration.  Therefore, when it comes to cardlock commercial fleet fuel management , we knew Jobbers would be excited to be able to offer a pedestal unit with dual dispense points. They would also have the capability of accessing two different mediums at once, it was the quality and price point that they’ve come to expect from TECALEMIT.

These cardlock commercial fleet fuel management systems have brought us to a truly sleek and stellar piece of equipment.  As a result, the M1 has evolved into a dual product beast.  More and more jobbers begin to carry not only on/off-road diesel, but also more and more DEF. It makes all the sense in the world for us to add the M1 seamlessly alongside our eco dispensers. As a result, It serves as another option for commercial and cardlock locations.

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